What does the fox say?  PARTY, PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!

Few things have managed to capture the litlgeeks attention as thoroughly as that catchy Ylvis song What Does the Fox Say?  When birthday time rolled around, the theme seemed an obvious choice.  However, there was one major problem…birthday parties based on one hit wonders are a rarity and party supplies were impossible to find! With a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking, we managed to put together something pretty unique for our tiniest geek’s celebration.  Check out all of the details below!

What we ate:

Since nothing less than a fox cake would do, we were able to put this one together by using two sheet cakes (one for the head and one for the body).  We started by drawing the shape of the head and body on paper, then placing the paper on the cake and cutting around it. We followed this up with icing, icing, and more icing (orange, white, and black to be exact).  In the end, we came up with something that we were all pretty pleased with.  Using the paper to sketch your image first allows you to experiment until you find just the right shape and doesn’t risk destroying any cake.






What we did:

The music video for What Does the Fox Say? takes place in the middle of the forest.  With that in mind, we really wanted to give our party a natural, woodsy feel.  To start, we used brown packing paper to cover all of the tables.  We then placed squares of sheet moss in the center of each table.  We handed the litlgeeks some animal paw print stampers and let them go to work stamping the table covers.  We wanted it to feel like our forest friends were running amok across our tables.

Using the lyrics to the song, we printed some speech bubbles and placed these on the tables.  Amazon had some super adorable foam animal masks, which we also placed at each table.  Above the tables we hung clusters of orange, brown, and white balloons.

In a major score, Target just so happened to be putting all of their leftover Easter stuff on clearance, where we happily found the most adorable fox style baskets for next to nothing!  These made perfect chip bowls/centerpieces.

Around the yard we placed some inflatable animals, which we were also able to grab off of Amazon.  Since the weather was warm, and the pool was open, the kids had a blast playing with the inflatable animals in the water!

IMG_2583 IMG_2585 IMG_2586 IMG_2587 IMG_2607





What we wore:

We put together some fox crowns for our guests.  We started out with black construction paper crowns with orange and white paper ears.  While these certainly worked out fine, we felt that maybe we might need something more durable for the kids.  In the end, we wound up using black felt adorned with felt sticky letters that spelt out each kid’s name.  We finished them off with fox ears made from white and orange felt.  We glued a popsicle stick between the orange and white felt layers to add more stability to the pointed ears.  The kids wore them all day, and as a bonus, these became part of their take home party bags.

The entire litlgeek family was also lucky enough to score some affordable, adorable What Does the Fox Say? shirts off of Zulily.  (While Zulily no longer has the shirts, you can still find them on Amazon.)

In the end, the kids had a great time, and even the guests who had never heard of Ylvis before managed to “get” what we were going for!

IMG_2221 IMG_2634





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