‘Tis (almost) the season for holiday travel, which means crowded airports, long waits and bored children. Enter WellieWishers: Garden Fun, a new mobile app (iOS and Android) from American Girl, a trusted parenting partner, that offers an exciting new way for children to engage with their favorite WellieWishers characters.

Young kids are invited to join the imaginative WellieWisher girls as they spend their days in the garden, exploring and learning key values like friendship, kindness and sharing. Created for children ages 5-7, kids can plant, water and nurture plants and flowers, decorate their WellieWishers garden with stickers and complete puzzles with this sweet and silly group of girls.

WellieWishers: Garden Fun is perfect for the holidays thanks to the on-the-go convenience of the app, which means that kids can bring their favorite dolls with them whenever, wherever they go – without the worry of overweight luggage or losing a beloved doll in transit.


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