NEW YORK (Feb. 18, 2017) – Lite Poppers™, a new innovative way for kids to build whatever they can imagine, is set to transform the construction toy aisle as it is officially launched into the U.S. and international marketplace in 2017. Developed by Jon Capriola, a toy industry innovator together with his three young sons, Lite Poppers is being hailed as the next generation of construction toys. The new line features unique LED lights and sphere-shaped modules that when combined, create fun building models like no other construction toy on the market today. Just pop, slide, twist and spin to construct and light up the fun in the make-believe world of Popperville!

 “Lite Poppers creates a play pattern for building models unlike any other construction toy on the market today,” said Capriola, founder of Lite Poppers. “The STEM influenced, open-ended play pattern helps children learn vocabulary, math, geography and science all while having fun. Plus, with our built in LED lights and fun backstory featuring the land of Popperville, kids will have a blast as they expand their imaginations by simply playing.”

 The LED lights brings each creation to life and is activated with one simple touch on the base. Touch it a second time to activate flashing lights. To build, kids click, twist or pop individual spheres together. Due to a unique groove pattern built into each part, children can manipulate the shapes by sliding the different building blocks around and among each other, allowing their creation to build in any different direction.

Lite Poppers is set to introduce nine different kits. including:

  • Lite Poppers™ Car
  • Lite Poppers™ Helicopter
  • Lite Poppers™ Loader
  • Lite Poppers™ Plane
  • Lite Poppers™ Truck
  • Lite Poppers™ Rocket
  • Lite Poppers™ 2-IN-1 Plane
  • Lite Poppers™ 4-IN-1 Truck
  • Lite Poppers™ 3-IN-1 Helicopter

Each Lite Poppers kits comes with one Popperville character, a downloadable comic adventure, three collective series trading cards, sticker decals for decoration and a USB fully rechargeable touch sensor LED base. All Lite Poppers kits come with step-by-step directions to build specific models, but all different kits can be combined with one another, giving kids freedom to create whatever comes to mind.

Capriola has successfully generated over 50 million in sales and has won 40 Toy Awards for past inventions, but he and his sons are particularly excited for the launch of this new line. Initial interest from both retailers and consumers has been extraordinary and the line is expected to be available at major and specialty retailers and range in price $19.99 – $39.99, ages three and up.

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