Your favorite digital stars on YouTube come to life in action figure form as Tube Heroes! Starring the biggest influencers in the digital universe, Tube Heroes resonate with a generation whose role models live on the internet. New for 2016, the next wave of collectible Tube Heroes includes DanTDM (9.8 Million Subscribers/16/1 billions views on his main channel as of March 15,2016) in the Diamond Dimension Pack and comes with a 2.75″ posable action figure of DanTDM, his best buddy and scientist, Dr. Trayaurus, a moving mine cart that fits both characters and DanTDM’s arsenal of removable weapons. There are 29 Tube Heroes to collect in 2016! “Real is the new cool.”  MSRP: $14.99

Availability: Walmart + Toys “R” Us

Date: By June 1st 2016


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