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The litlgeeks got invited down to the TTPM Holiday Showcase 2017!  Surprise! They had an amazing time!  We thank our good friends at TTPM and Litzky PR for having us down to the show.  We had an incredible time, and we have so many great toys to share with you.  Rather than share it through our eyes though, we will be sharing it through the eyes of our litlbuddies, the litlgeeks! They had a blast!  Let’s check it out!


The litlgeeks did their best to get to all of the great vendors at the show.  If you click on a vendor name below, it will jump you down to their section with some info about what they showed, and a gallery from that booth!

Auldey /  Alpha | Bandai | Bridge / Tech 4 Kids / Uncle Milton | Cra-Z-Art | Disney | Hasbro | Hexbug | JAKKS Pacific | Jay @ Play | Jazwares | Just Play | K’Nex | LEGO | Magformers | Mattel | Moose | Nintendo | Ozobot | Piper | Play Mobil | Playmates | Primetime | Redwood | Rev Racers and Build a Bot | Spin Master | Tomy | Toys R Us | Universal | Wicked Cool | WowWee | Wubble and Laser X | Yulu | Zing | Zuru | General Event

Auldey /  Alpha

Super Wings Super Wings Super Wings!!  Jett and all his friends get some new mech suits, new play sets.  You have to check them out for holiday 2017!



Bandai has some really neat stuff going on for this fall.  A transforming Power Rangers mobile play set in the Lion Fire Fortress Zord!  They have the Mech-X4 toy line, supporting the Disney XD show.  The Mech is controlled between a wrist accessory and app!  Speaking of apps! Zak Storm!  Real world play pieces, scan into the app, play and level up your mobile adventure!


Bridge / Tech 4 Kids / Uncle Milton

Three amazing brands at one booth, each with incredible licensed and educational toys to show off!  Fidget spinners, Ant farms, Star Wars metal detectors? Oh my!



Slime that sticks to your hands if you are smooshing it, but comes right off if you quick hit it against more slime?  So cool!  Also on display, Sound Moovz, we got our first look at them at Toy Fair, and it looks like they’ve joined the Cra-Z-Art family!



Disney had an exceptional display of …Disney products.  Star Wars, Disney movies, Marvel!  The show stealer for us, the Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR / VR set.  It includes a tracking beacon, a lightsaber handle, and a VR / AR headset.  It provided the most amazing, engrossing Star Wars experience we’ve ever had.  We held our lightsaber up to Kylo Ren, and we fought him…and, tingles!  It’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it for $199.99 at Bestbuy.   Also catching our attention, the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit!  Build your own R2! Yes please!



Our friends at Hasbro never disappoint, but being that we just left HASCON not two weeks ago, all the wondeful toys we saw, were toys we got to check out at HASCON.  We still had a blast!  We are still desperate to get our hands on Drop Mix, so stay tuned!



Another show highlight for the litlgeeks, playing with the Hexbug Space sets!  We got to take one home and can’t wait to share it with you!



JAKKS Pacific

JAKKS brought so much fun to TTPM!  A farting Monkey game?  We are in!  Splatoon weaponry that fires splats?!?  Let’s party!


Jay @ Play

FlipaZoos!  Now pillow sized!  The litlgeeks are in love!




Home of Roblox and Minecraft toys, series 2 and new playsets for Roblox are hitting store shelves now, and more Minecraft is coming soon!


Just Play

Just Play brings us all of the PJ Masks toys! For holiday 2017! More figures, more playsets!  Even a looping car playset!



K’Nex showed us one of the coolest things ever.  A kit that they connected a running cart / car to.  It ran the tracks built onto the set.  Then…the person demoing it, turned it on it’s side, and then over, and at no point did that car stop! So cool!



I’ve got one word for you.  Joker Wayne Mansion!  The LEGO sets on display were incredible, but that one stole the show!  The Joker’s appropriate fun house looks like it’s going to be a marvel to build and display.



Magformers put together an impressive display of a mansion of Magformers, but also of note, their brand new Clicformers kits!  They click together without magnets!




The Mattel Ultimate Super Garage Playset will cost you $199.99, but it’s incredible.  The Imaginext BatBot Extreme…holy moly!!



Moose has the favorite toy line of litlzombie, Grossery Gang! New playsets and figures were shown, and they look awesome! Taking the Grossery Gang into a whole new universe!



Our friends at Nintendo put the focus on portable gaming at this years TTPM, showcasing the 2DS, the 3DS XL and the brand new 2DS XL.  The litlgeeks have a 3DS XL each…but I really am looking at the things I can trade in at Gamestop to pick up a 2DS XL for myself.  The screen, the hand feel, the size, I was blown away!  Also gonna have to pick up the new Metroid!



I’m really hoping this is the year that the litlgeeks and MUReview get to work with Ozobot.  Their little programmable robots do some incredible tricks with just the environment around them!



Going into TTPM, I didn’t know much about Piper, but now we can’t wait to give them a try!  Incredible computer system in a wooden box, that kids get to build, with a Raspberry Pi as the brains?  This should be the buzz of the STEM industry!!


Play Mobil

Play Mobil made huge waves at Toy Fair with their Ghostbusters licensed playsets and figures.  All of those amazing wares, and more of our favorites from Toy Fair were on display, including the awesome pyramid!



Playmates has stolen our hearts in 2017, more incredible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, VOLTRON in all of the flavors, big lions, little lions, soon coming, paladin figures!  Ben 10!  So much incredible fun at Playmates, and so much to look forward to!  Nothing new from Voltron was shown though, a little bummed about that.


Prime Time

Prime Time had some really cool blasters!  Auto load, gatling gun style blasters!


Redwood Ventures

Redwood Ventures had some really fun stuff to show off, including a kid friendly 3D printer, and SMOOSHY MOOSHY!


Rev Racerz and Build A Bot

Rev Racerz, we got to take home some awesome motorcycles, and we Rev’d them and raced them!  Build a Bot, the litlgeeks are so excited to try out, they are so cute!


Spin Master

Spin Master…we heart you.  Giant BB-8s.  Paw Patrol…the new Lookout Tower is as big as a litlgeek, and you have to see it to believe it!  



Tomy showed off Lightseekers! The litlgeeks love Lightseekers!  There was only ONE Pokemon at the table though…and since the litlgeeks LOVE Pokemon, they were a little bummed.


Toys R Us

Toys R Us, rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated and thankfully so!  They were on hand showing off some of their exclusive items, an adorable little build it robot in the Edu Science Lab Programmable Cyber Robot, and a really cool Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset!



Universal has so many of the litlgeeks favorite brands, and MUReview’s too!  Voltron!  Trolls! Minions!  All were on display!


Wicked Cool

Let no toy show be complete without a visit to Wicked Cool!  This show, Cabbage Patch! A finely polished Teddy Ruxpin, he looks so adorable!  Egg Babies! Surprise Eggs! What’s inside?!  The litlgeeks must know!



The gang at WowWee have hits on their hands in 2017 with Fingerlings!  The litlgeeks already brought you a fun video with 3 of those whacky litl monkeys!  Don’t forget Magnaflex though!  We can’t wait to check that out!


Wubble and Laser X

The litlgeeks LOVE Wubbles!  They also love crashing into Wubbles!  Laser X was really cool too!



Spy Code Safe Breaker!  Listen to the safe, find the right combination!  Operation Escape!  Break Free!  Handcuffs…you get to put your kids in handcuffs and call it a game!! Where has this been for our entire parenthood so far!



Zing is giving us a lot to play with and …dare I say, fidget with!  Thumb Chuckz, Metal Chuckz, Zing Dama, Tumblstix!  You won’t be bored at all ever!  You also probably won’t be getting much work done any time soon.



Zuru had some really awesome stuff on display, building block tape…you stick it to a wall, and you can build / connect compatible building blocks / bricks to it.  Think of building a LEGO set suspended from the ceiling!  Don’t forget Shnooks, licensed fidget cubes, and Tangle!!


General Event

MUReview and the litlgeeks had a great time, saw a ton of great toys, met wonderful people, left with a ton of toys!  Thank you again TTPM and Litzky for having us, and for now, we leave you with some pictures from around the show floor and from our journey!




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