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Everyone’s favorite question when you come home from a toy showcase…did you get any cool toys?!!?  We did!  Check em out! 

The litlgeeks tore through all of the fun stuff they came home with pretty quickly, but you can check out below for product links, company links, and nice pictures of the fun stuff we got to open.  We will be doing a full video for a few items, so keep your eyes out for that!

Auldey /  Alpha |  Disney | Hasbro | Hexbug | JAKKS PacificJazwares | Mattel | Moose | Nintendo | Play Mobil | Playmates | Rev Racers Spin Master | WowWee | Wubble  | Zing | All The Toys

Auldey /  Alpha – Super Wings Donnie and Bello Transforming Planes!


Disney – Stitch Ufufy


Hasbro – Hana Zuki Moodgleam


Hexbug Nano Space Zipline


JAKKS Pacific – Squish-Dee-Lish


Jazwares – Roblox Series 2 Blind Boxes


Mattel – Barbie Dreamtopia


Moose Despicable Me Mineez


Nintendo – Pins Pins Pins!


Play Mobil – Play Mobil figure


Playmates Ben 10 Action Figures! Heatblast and Four Arms!


Rev Racerz – We got Rev Racerz!


Spin Master – Tech Deck


WowWee – We got so much Magnaflex, and we can’t wait to share a whole video with you!


Wubble   – We got a tiny Wubble!


Zing – Tumblstix might be the coolest thing ever!


Zuru  – Our friends at Zuru sent us home with some Mayka Toy Block Tape, and we are going to do a whole video of that too!


Look at all these toys!!

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