Puppy love fever will reach new heights with Peppy Pups™, the cuddly plush puppy with a spring in its step and when walked by its owner, can run, jump and wag its tail like a real dog. Bringing to life the authenticity of puppy friendship, complete with a pup that follows its owner everywhere, the new plush line from TPF Toys is now available arrives at Toys “R” Us and other retailers.

Brimming with personality and no batteries needed, Peppy Pups have ultra soft fur, distinct paw pads and springs in their feet that help these eager Peppy Pups move and prance, just like a real dog.  Peppy Pups bounce, jump and waddle as they go for “walks” with their kid owners, and turn heads as they go. Peppy Pups adore cuddling, snuggles and squeezes, showing characteristics of a real dog that all pet lovers embrace.

“The real-life spring, bountiful energy and sweet, heartfelt nature of puppies comes to life with Peppy Pups,” said Giles Musker, Managing Director of TPF Toys.

“They make a perfect pet for the home!”

Ideal for children ages 4+, Peppy Pups are available in available in two ‘breeds’ – soft brown, and black and white – and are priced at $24.99.


TPF Toys is an Australian-based toy company with a focus on fun that develops, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of innovative toys sold in more than 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 2007 and with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Los Angeles, TPF Toys has over 200 employees worldwide and relationships with top tier retailers and entertainment companies including Toys ‘R’ Us, Disney, Nickelodeon and 20th Century Fox. TPF Toys brand portfolio includes SplashlingsTM, Peppy PupsTM, Cut It Out!™, Stack-A-BubbleTM, Paddle BubbleTM and Mystery Eggs.

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