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WowWee is awesome.  CHiP, MiP, COJI, just some of the coolest interactive tech toys on the market.  We are humbled to have had the ability to review some of them for you here at litlgeeks.  But today, we are here to talk about 2017!!  Let’s check out the exciting stuff coming from WowWee this year!

MiP COJI Elmoji | CHiP and CHiPPIES | Digiloom | Games | Magnaflex | Minions | Fingerlings

MiP COJI Elmoji  The biggest wow for litlgeeks here, Elmoji!!  It takes the fun of COJI and mixes it with everyones favorite, most lovable little monster from Sesame Street!  


CHiP and CHiPPIES  CHiPPIES!  Little pup versions of CHiP!  A great price point!  So much fun packed into that little puppy body!




Games  litlgeeks was treated to two great game demos at the WowWee booth this year, Spin to Sing and Woofy Whoops.  You’ll want both.  Watch the videos!


Magnaflex  Very innovative magnetic building with great, sturdy, flexible pieces!


Minions  Dave is on a roll, control him with an app, he’s a Minion, it’s adorable.  There is literally no stopping this little guy!


Fingerlings  Steeling the “awweeeeee” of the show, WowWee showed off Fingerlings.  Check out the video for the most adorable, interactive little finger hugging creature you have ever seen.

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