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Wicked Cool Toys is a favorite of litlgeeks every year at Toy Fair and all year!  We get to see our favorite Janis!  And we get to talk about all of the fantastic toys that Wicked Cool is bringing out for the year.  This year…is going to be.  AMAZING!  Teddy Ruxpin makes a grand return, Cabbage Patch kids get tiny with Little Sprouts, Master Chef gets more sets!!  Let’s look!

Egg Babies | Little Sprouts | Master Chef | X-Treme Cycle | Teddy Ruxpin | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | WWE 

Egg Babies  Why unbox when you can hatch? Egg Babies let you do just that!  Adorable animals hatched from eggs. 

Little Sprouts  Little Sprouts are Cabbage Patch Kids, all cute and tiny with play sets, sure to be a massive hit in 2017 with the litlest of geeks!  

Master Chef  The litlgeeks love to spend time in the kitchen.  They also love Master chef and Master Chef Junior.  Wicked Cool brings kids closer to the ultimate kitchen experience with incredible Master chef cooking sets.  We are hoping to do some Magic Boxing with Master Chef this year!

X-Treme Cycle  The litlgeeks are already in love with X-Treme Cycle.  This year, Beast RC!  Rip Cycle!  It’s gonna be fun and EXTREME!!!!

Teddy Ruxpin  If you can read this post to your kids, chances are you grew up with Teddy Ruxpin.  You knew the magic of popping in a White Snake cassette into Teddy Ruxpin and watching him go.  Well this time around, he’s more magical, more interactive, works and reads stories, sings and plays with a companion app.  Teddy Ruxpin is going to be a massive hit holiday toy this year!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  A TMNT Pizza Oven.  This is out, you can buy it, it’s every bit as cool as it was the first time we talked about it.  Turtles and Pizza = Love.

WWE  31″ Superstars.  At a time when litlzombie can’t get enough John Cena, this can’t be more exciting.  More than that, a WWE Microphone?!?!  litlwrastlin’ fans are going to swoon!

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