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The litlgeeks love, LOVE science.  We live in a house with safety glasses, lab coats, test tubes…we do our best to keep them away from unsupervised fire, but sometimes an experiment warrants.  They love to explore their world and the rules that govern it.  They like to look at small things like microbes, and big things like planets.  The Young Scientist Club makes amazing sets that are absolutely perfect for our litlgeeks and yours!

The folks that run the show at The Young Scientists Club are passionate and knowledgeable, and love bringing kids the opportunity to learn, grow, and love all things science.  Kits are complete, comprehensive, and affordable.  They have great licenses that appeal to young learners like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Magic Schoolbus!  They have wonderful Funtastic Robotics kits, and outstanding Science-Art fusion kits.  Kits start as low as $14.99 and are available at Amazon!

We love what we heard out of Young Scientists Club and we are looking forward to working with them in the future to bring all of you litlscientists out there, some fantastic, fun experiments both big and small!  Keep your eyes on litlscience and the Young Scientists Club!


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