Link to Toy Fair Mega Post 

Tech 4 Kids is always a fun stop at Toy Fair.  They consistently bring innovative play patterns together with outstanding licenses.  Not sure if you are good at math, but that always equals fun!

Battlebots | Fash Ems Mash Ems Micro Lites | Fright Factory | Hatch Ems Blast Ems| Spot Lites | Regener8rs

Battlebots  Buildable Battlebots that break apart when you fight them!!


Fash Ems Mash Ems Micro Lites  Find these all over the place, these tried and true kid pleasers get more great characters and licenses in 2017! 

Fright Factory  The litlgeeks love Fright Factory!  Look for more monsters in 2017!

Hatch Ems Blast Ems  Just…seriously….watch the video and then wait for these to show up on shelves because you need to have them.


Spot Lites  Adorable themed nightlights.  We need these…because we are running out of plug space.  PJ Masks, Thomas, Peppa, PAW PATROL!  Something for every litlgeek here.


Regener8rs  Cars that transform into a bunch of different types of cars!

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