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I remember when I was first introduced to Super Impulse. A bunch of fun products and some tugged on the nostalgia heartstrings.  Fast forward to Toy Fair 2017, they are swinging on nostalgia heart vines!  World’s Smallest is an incredible line that has grown exponentially since it’s first introduction, Tiny Arcade, holy moly! And in 2017, FRAGGLE ROCK!!! Come on!?!?  I can’t even deal with this kind of awesome all in one place.  Let’s not forget, Super Impulse = Precision RBS, and we know how that goes…

Wiz-z-z-er | Fraggle Rock and Gumby | Tiny Arcade | Worlds Smallest

Wiz-z-z-er  Tricked out, super fast spinning tops, stack em, crash em, they even have little tiny car versions!

Fraggle Rock and Gumby  Every picture makes me want to hug these.  Fraggle Rock was my childhood, and as litlparents, we have done our best to share Fraggle Rock with the litlgeeks.  So far, so good, they love it, but really, what’s not to love.  I’m thrilled that the toy line has found a loving home at Super Impulse.  The same can be said for the absurdly stretchable Gumby!


Tiny Arcade  As a gamer with gamer kids, I can’t wait for this lineup of little arcade games!

Worlds Smallest  The Worlds Smallest line continues to stretch….see what I did there?  Stretch Armstrong but tiny!?  Sign me up!  World’s Smallest GI Joe!  More Games More Toys Oh Boy!

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