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Spin Master brings a sprawling layout to every Toy Fair we’ve ever seen them at.  Every year, they get a little bigger, and they have such an incredible spread of products that we are excited to show you.  We can’t be more excited for Spin Master in 2017!

Star Wars | Paw Patrol | Hatchimals | Meccano | Air Hogs | Spy Gear | Kinetic Rock | Rusty Rivets | Tech Deck | Wobbly Worm

Star Wars The Star Wars BB-8 Hero Droid!  This incredible droid first appeared in 2016 and looked to answer our wishes for an amazing, interactive, massive BB-8!  Since we first saw it, it’s had a few updates, the controller is different, it is now RF instead of IR, and the biggest difference is, we have a solid (ish) release date and a price!  $249, around August of this year!  I can’t say anything that the video isn’t already saying, so click play!  Then, scroll down and look at the pretty pictures!

Paw Patrol  To say that the litlgeeks is a Paw Patrol obsessed household is an understatement.  They are already going crazy over the pictures and video I showed them, and now you get to see it.  In 2017, the Pups get more new toys!  I massively enhanced Lookout Tower that stands about as tall as a 4 year old, with a spinning base that fits the Paw Patrol vehicles!  A boat!  A new truck!  The Pups in all new adventure gear!  



Hatchimals  Hatchimals ran away with the holiday season of 2016.  How do they top it?  Do they get bigger?  No actually, smaller!  Expect adorable Hatchimals that you have to do a little bit more manual work to hatch.  Expect more colors and patterns on the full sized Hatchimals, most of all, expect that you should be able to get your hands on them, we even saw some at Toys R Us this weekend!


Meccano  Meccano has been around forever, and now they are taking that history and lineage well into the future.  Spitting Spiders, and incredibly interactive learning robots, check out the video, then look at the pictures, then head to the store and get building!



Air Hogs  Air Hogs can’t just stay in one mode of transportation, land, sea, air, all high speed, all incredibly easy to control!  



Spy Gear  Spy Gear goes Ninja in 2017!  We are hoping to review some of these for you at litlgeeks.  They are natural spies!


Kinetic Rocks  Kinetic Rocks, based on the same science as Kinetic sand, you can build and move and break!


Rusty Rivets  Check out all of these adorable Rusty Rivets toys!


Tech Deck  Tech Deck has some awesome decks for 2017!


Wobbly Worm  This fun, challenging game pits you against a tall but adjustable wobbling worm, you have to toss your rings at it and get them on the worm.  Land the most to win! 


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