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Silverlit has a fantastic line of tech / interactive toys for kids of all ages.  The Popping Octopus, Train Your Dino, and the ultimate litlgeek buddy Macrobot!  Check out the gallery and below for official product info!



Founded in 1977, Silverlit is committed to designing and manufacturing the most innovative and highest quality toys for kids of all ages. By combining the latest technology and breakthrough product design, Silverlit Toys has developed and marketed an extensive line of hi-tech innovative toys for more than 30 years. For more information, visit Also connect with us on social media @SilverlitToys.

 Train Your Dino

Train your Dino to follow you! This fun new robotic dinosaur pet will follow your instructions and hand movements when his head is touched. Built-in sensors react when Dino is pet and also help him avoid obstacles as he walks behind you through remote controls. Enjoy two play modes: Wild Mode will create random movements with sounds effects, and Training Mode will make Dino calmer as he wears a collar around his neck and follows your movements. Ages 5+. MSRP $44.99

 Popping Octopus

Get your child moving! Popping Octopus spins and plays happy tunes. Place balls in the octopus’ mouth, press his nose, and he will dance and pop balls out of his hat. Popping Octopus comes with six fun-colored balls that can be easily stored on the tentacles.  Ages 1+. MSRP $44.99

Spy Cam Aqua

Enjoy underwater fun for the entire family with Spy Cam Aqua. Dive into the pool or ocean and capture images of video that will be stored to the internal memory. Spy Cam Aqua’s included USB cable makes it easy to download breathtaking underwater photos and videos. The 3-channel control allows you to move in any direction – so you can float, dive or climb.

Also includes two spotlights for improved visibility. Ages 5+. MSRP $59.99


Greet your newest pet, Pupbo, to the family! Name your puppy, and he’ll listen and respond to your commands. Pupbo recognizes 12 default English voice commands, and kids can program up to 12 commands of their own in any language. Use the bone for Voice Command Training and to record your voice. Download the free app via your iOS or Android device to keep track of your puppy’s skills and growing stages. Ages 8+. MSRP $49.99

Drone Mission

Are you ready to embark on the most intelligent mission?! Use Drone Mission’s 2-in-1 transmitter to control both the drone and the truck. With the press of a button, the smart nano drone will lift off and track and follow the truck. Enjoy cool light effects, and simply land the drone onto the truck to recharge. The drone features Auto Hover and can perform 360degree flips. Ages TBD. MSRP $59.99


Get ready for the ultimate kiddie butler! Macrobot is equipped with tri-color LED eyes, a motor with counter and gyro sensor, 6-axial motion sensor and obstacle detection. Its movable arms and microphone allow for 12 programmable actions and up to 50 actions per command. Such features include: Room guard and stand lock; follow me and path following; voice record and playback in robotic voice. Control your Macrobot with the included app or controller. Ages 5+. MSRP $44.99

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