Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

The litlgeeks love Build or Boom, so we had to stop and say hello to our friends at Proto.Toys.  Build or Boom had a great presence at Toy Fair 2017 and we got to talk about some expansion packs for the game.  We also got to have a look at some of their other awesome products!  Check out the pictures for Wild Friends Sewing and Craft Kits.  Really very well made, kid safe sewing kits that let you stitch together little friends.  Everything you need to make your own stuffed Wild Friend is included.  The best part, most of the needlework is a nice big plastic needle that is kid safe and friendly!  The litlgeeks are hoping to be able to review a kit for you soon, but for now, check out the fun pictures, and head over and pick up Build or Boom because it’s amazing!

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