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Props In a Box popped up on litlgeeks radar just a little bit before Toy Fair. We got an email asking if we’d like to come down to the booth, and just seeing it in email was enough to make it one of the stops that we were most excited for.  The litlgeeks are hams…if you can imagine that.  They love playing dress up, they love acting, they love making movies and being a part of stories, so Props in a Box is massively close to their heart, but what is it?

Props in a Box offers litlgeeks everywhere a chance to become a part of the story.  Props in a Box packages include two costumes and story props and a backdrop.  There is also a Props in a Bag option which includes fewer props, a backdrop and only one costume.  Either option is fantastic, and both encourage creative play away from the screen.

BUT!  Who abandons the screen in 2017?  No one, that’s crazy talk.  Props in a Box offers an innovative way to continue to engage the imagination in parallel with the screen.  A movie maker companion app!  You’ve got all these great story telling pieces…record your story, share it to social media.  Whether it’s in a box or a bag, Props In a is an amazing play experience for litlgeeks.  Props In a Box is available now too, and priced very reasonably!  Stay tuned for more Props in a Box info from litlgeeks in 2017!


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