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You want your litlgeeks to have fun in the yard with water?  You NEED Prime Time Toys!  The highlight for us here was unquestionably the quick fill re-usable Water Balls.  You take the ball, dunk it in water for a few seconds, let it fill and then toss it!




Prime Time Toys® takes outdoor play to new action-packed excitement with the introduction of its new Adventure Force™ water blaster collection and an all-new approach to the classic sprinkler.

What Prime Time Toys has done for the dart blaster with Dart Zone®, they are about to do for the water blaster with the new Adventure Force™ collection, available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Their talented team of product innovators developed the Adventure Force line of water blasters to bring a new splash of fun to the backyard this Spring and Summer!  This colorful collection takes the water fight to a new level with powerful precision performance and exciting action – all offered at Prime Time Toys’ signature affordable pricing. 

Super Storm

Ages 6+, $17.88

Getting the upperhand in competition has never been easier with the Super Storm water blaster.  For the longest lasting continual play, the colorful Super Storm features a 68-ounce size tank and pressurized water blasting action that will send water soaring up to 38 feet! The Super Storm blaster nozzle has three adjustable power blast nozzles – Super Soak Blast, Long-Range Blast, and Quad-Stream Blast with four Water Streams.  Use the pump conveniently located on the front end of the water blaster to build pressure for the ultimate wet down!  Then, press the trigger to blast a continuous stream of water.

Hydro Blitz

Ages 6+, $9.88

Pump up the action with the Hydro Blitz water blaster! The Hydro Blitz power pump action sends water flying up to 35 feet with every pump.  Slide forward to load the water and push back to blast the competition.   The water reservoir holds up to 57- ounces for a steady stream.

Battle Blaster

Ages 6+, $12.88

Just like Prime Time’s Dart Zone® dart blasters, the Battle Blaster brings a tactical element for every battle! This power pump water blaster performs with excellent precision aided by the detachable scope.  Catch your enemy in the crosshairs to ensure maximum accuracy and drench your opponent.   


Ages 6+, $4.97 

Send your opponents home drenched with the Tempest Blaster.  This blaster packs a punch firing up to 30 feet.  Slide the pump forward to load and pull back to blast your opponents with a repetitive stream of water. 

Tidal Storm® 3-Pack

Ages 4+, $4.97

Squirt guns are essential when it comes to water play! The compact Tidal Storm blasters offer great value featuring high performance and superior design – great for a sneak attack or to pack away for a travel day.   

Hydro Storm 6-Pack

Ages 4+, $9.88

The Hydro Storm is the ULTIMATE VALUE PACK! Double the fun with the Hydro Storm blaster set.  For just $9.88, this bundle includes SIX water blasters.  The compact squirt guns, featuring quick action and easy refill, project water up to 25 feet. 

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls 7-Pack

Ages 5+, $9.99

Splash Away with the new 7-pack of the hugely popular Hurricane Reusable Water Balls.  These Balls are SELF-SEALING!  No waiting!  No fumbling with tiny water balloon knots!  Hurricane Balls fill and seal with a quick squeeze.  Fill ‘em up and drench your friends right away!  With a Durable Soft Shell, Hurricane Balls are Reusable AGAIN and AGAIN!  Up to 1,000 Splashes!  Toss, throw, play, and splash – wherever-whenever with Hurricane Reusable Water Balls!


For optimum performance – before play begins, push on the clear silicone patches on the sides of the ball to break the seal.  Once the seals are loose (as per the single out of packaging product enclosed), submerge completely under water and squeeze gently to fill. 

Adventure Force is a trademark of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 

Prime Time Toys launches a sprinkler that is sure to beat the heat and bring a new kind of fun to outdoor play!

Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring

April-May 2017, Ages 4+, $14.99

The Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring adds new excitement to the backyard with 360o fun.  Kids can jump into and out of the ring to get soaked every time.  This new sprinkler shoots  streams of water straight up out of multiple spouts lining the circle.  Children will have a blast this summer in the backyard cooling off with the Hydro Hoop Sprinkler Ring.

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