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PlayMonster had the litlgeeks at hello with great, family friendly games and innovative, fun toys!  Fast forward a few years and I think we are on our 3rd Toy Fair visit to PlayMonster.  We are so excited to share everything we saw with you, and want to say a big thank you to Lori and the fine folks at PlayMonster for taking us through the booth!

Automoblox | Games | My Fairy Garden | Marbleocity | Wonder Crew | Roominate 

Automoblox  Beautiful mix and match car sets.  The wood finishes on these is astonishing.

Games  Look at all of the incredible games coming in 2017 from PlayMonster (some pictured are already on shelves).  Updates to Stratego!  My inner biggeek is freaking out!  Accentuate challenges players to guess the accent, Five Second Rule gives you, guess what, 5 seconds to get things done!  Ultra Dash brings a little exercise to the world of games.  Players will place a pattern of sensors on the floor and then race to match the patterns with the baton.  

My Fairy Garden  The My Fairy Garden line expands in 2017…magical beans with wonderful random sayings / words on them.  One cow for three….(I made that joke in the booth, it wasn’t funny then either).

Marbleocity  We had our first look at Marbleocity last year and the line continues to grow and produce beautiful, complex building kits.  Kits can be manually or automatically powered (if you purchase a motorizing kit sold separately.)


Wonder Crew  Wonder Crew!  We know them!!  It was great to be able to meet Laurel Wider!  The Wonder Crew is going to be fantastic and it’s just getting started!


Roominate  Cars that transform into a bunch of different types of cars!


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