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Playmobil made huge waves at this years Toy Fair with their first ever entertainment licensed Playmobil sets.  By now most everyone has heard, Playmobil will be releasing a line of amazing Ghostbusters toys, as well as a line of How to Train Your Dragon toys!  Put that together with all of their other amazing toys, boats, Romans, Egyptian Pyramids, camping sets, grab and go play sets.  Playmobil wins at play in 2017!

Ghostbusters | How to Train Your Dragon | Playmobil sets

Ghostbusters Playmobil took up the Ghostbusters license and knocked it out of the park.  They covered a ton of great characters, Ecto-1 and the firehouse.  Attention to detail at every single turn here, and affordable.  The firehouse will come in at around $70, which is much less than many competing products.  So much to love here and if this is a sign of things to come for Playmobil, excitement is even further off the charts!  Ghostbusters sets hit shelves in May!


How to Train Your Dragon  The How To Train Your Dragon license probably didn’t know how good it could get, but at Playmobil, everything fits, everything works.  The Playsets are absolutely jaw dropping, the dragons look amazing given the Playmobil treatment.  The level of interactivity here is second to none.  Check it out, it’s huge! It’s Berk!! (for only $119!) Kids are absolutely going to love playing with this stuff, to the point that I’m a little sad stuff like this wasn’t around when I was a litlgeek!  How to Train Your Dragon Playmobil toys will be out in August!

Playmobil Sets  Playmobil offers fun at every turn with their expansive library of playsets.  Roman conquerors, Egyptian temples, picnic playsets, zip-line adventures, a not so little yacht!  Did you know, all of their boats, except the upcoming (pictured) giant yacht actually float!  Carry Cases are fantastic, whole playsets that close up and you can take them with you.  NHL figures too!


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