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Our very first stop at Toy Fair 2017 was at a booth for Pai Technology.  What a spread of wonders they had to show us!  AR was definitely the word at Pai.  Tons of great apps that interact with the user and the real world through a mobile device and camera.  Pai Technology has taken an innovative approach to adding real world play items to the mix.  Not to mention the much coveted kid wearable tech that they are bringing out with the PaiBand AND Paikodee, an adorable little robot!

Cube-Tastic | Ocean Pets | Pai Storybooks | PaiBand | Paikodee


  • Classic puzzle cub meets augmented reality – app has step-by-step tutorials
  • Enhances problem-solving skills, improves memory, develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Safe, non-toxic, BPA free, durable materials, modern design great for little hands.

Ocean Pets 

  • Create your own virtual aquarium – use augmented reality and our special lightweight putty.
  • Scan your Ocean Pet creations and see them come to life, learn facts about the ocean and its inhabitants, turn into room into an underwater wonderland.
  • 8 mess free, nontoxic, food-safe putty colors inspire artistic play while kids learn responsibility and care taking.

Pai Storybooks TJ and the Beanstalk

  • Bring fairytales to live with augmented reality storybooks – app creates an interactive reading experience
  • Rich, detailed illustrations come to life in 360-degree animations, and customize the characters with special AR coloring cards.
  • Encourages reading and positive life lessons.


  • The ultimate kid’s wearable that’s great for parents too.
  • This activity tracker works with the PaiBand Moves – City Run app, an interactive game, so kids collect more points for more movement. Bluetooth enabled, it turns every kid into a real-life video game hero.
  • Parents monitor children’s heart rate, activity, sleep, set alarms – there’s even a location detector.
  • Highest-grade silicone, safe for all skin types, waterproof and dirt resistant.


  • One of a kind, this very first kid’s robot supports augmented reality, coding, and construction play.
  • Through coding kids control the robot’s movements, make it pick things up and record their own fun sounds providing hours of playtime.
  • Play alone or in multi-payer mode where friends battle and design their own game.

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