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Hands down, one of the coolest things we saw at Toy Fair this year was a set of products from Merge.  Merge’s VR headset is really just a piece of art, well fitting, durable, well priced too at around $60.  That’s out, you can get it now, you should. Whats next?  The HoloCube!  Aim your VR enabled device at the HoloCube with the companion app open, and step into a world of wonder.  That sounds cliche’, but I’m being 100% serious.  the things they showed us were amazing, you can check out the video below.  HoloCube isn’t out yet, but it’s coming soon, and we are very hopeful that we will be able to review it for you.  For now, check out the images, the video, and scroll down for the official press release.



Merge VR Announces Groundbreaking Holographic Toy

The virtual reality company unveils its newest products at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada | January 4, 2017 – Merge VR announced today its newest product, HOLO CUBE. The world’s first holographic toy, HOLO CUBE uses augmented reality (AR) technology so users can hold and interact with holograms in new ways.

“Toys are the tools we use for growing up, and our HOLO CUBE offers brand new ways to learn, play, and connect with others,” said Merge VR Founder Franklin Lyons. “Rather than using the typical interfaces of 2D screens, we’re developing physical products that merge the real world with the digital, and creating new ways for imagination and creativity to flourish.”

Merge will showcase experiences at CES that bring the cube to life in users’ hands — from drawing with music to caring for a virtual space pet to building a mini-block world. Pairing HOLO CUBE with the company’s marshmallow-soft Merge VR Goggles lets users interact directly with holograms while freeing both hands for a fully immersive experience.

“We want to unlock an entirely new digital world for children that’s always safe, exciting, positive, and playful,” said Merge VR co-founder Andrew Trickett. “HOLO CUBE continues what we started with our revolutionary soft goggles, and it’s just the beginning. We are developing an entire line of products that will create more magical experiences for kids everywhere.”

Merge is also unveiling several new colors of its Merge VR Goggles at CES. In addition to the signature purple, they will be available in new colors beginning January 4, 2017 on the company’s website ( Merge VR’s recently announced universal motion sensing controller for virtual reality — the first of its kind with universal platform capability — will also be available for demos, and dev kits will be available in 2017.

Journalists attending CES are encouraged to visit the Merge VR booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall for hands-on exploration of the new products.

About Merge VR

Founded in 2013, Merge Labs, Inc. is a virtual reality company focused on making VR fun and easy for all VR explorers, ages 10+. Products include the Merge VR Goggles, VR START (, the Holo Cube, and a universal motion controller for mobile VR.


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