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The litlgeeks have had a blast thanks to Little Kids Inc!  And while efforts have stalled for us to get them to change their name to litlkids inc, we still love them!  This year at Toy Fair, they were showing off some more great bubble-based toys, and some awesome food creation toys…ice cream toys.  I love ice cream, and spoiler alert, it was delicious!  Let’s check out all of the funs that we got to see, we even have some video to share with you!  Also, for those not familiar, Little Kinds Inc are the makers of CANDYLICIOUS BUBBLES!  Those are also delicious!

Magic Kitchen | Bubbles | Snow Cones | Press Releases


Magic Kitchen A bunch of different kits, Pull Pops, Milk Shake Makers, Slushie Makers, and a cold plate Ice Cream Maker, form a line up of great and fun crafty food making for kids of all ages.  The best part, you use stuff in your house, nothing pre-packaged or powdery here!shake makers


Bubbles Bubbles, Bubbles, who’s got the Bubbles!?  Candylicious Bubbles, Peep flavored Bubbles, Jelly Belly Flavored Bubbles, Robot Bubble Machines, endless Bubble Machines, and a special anniverary for No Spill Bubbles!  Giant Bubbles too!  We also get bubble blasters and machines with great licenses ilke Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


Snow Cones A new spin on snow cones with some of your cartoon favorites in TMNT and Paw Patrol!


Little Kids Inc Press Releases – Main Line

Little Kids Inc., a leader in bubble and seasonal products for kids of all ages, will unveil their spring line at the North American International Toy Fair this coming February.

The spring line will debut the first bubble toys from a new licensing partnership with PJ Masks, in addition returning favorite properties from Nickelodeon™, including Paw Patrol™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, Shimmer and Shine™ and more. The Company has also expanded its popular line of Jelly Belly® and Peeps® branded products in time for Easter baskets.

The Little Kids Spring 2017 line includes:

 Fubbles® Monster Bubble Maker

Blow MONSTER bubbles with the Fubbles® Monster Bubble Maker! The Monster Bubble Wand expands so you can make bubbles as big as you! Just inflate the dip tray, pour one bottle of the included Monster Bubble Concentrate* into the dip tray, fill as directed with water, and you are ready to play!  Wave through the air for MONSTER bubbles! Includes one wand, inflatable dip tray & 4 fl oz Monster Bubble Concentrate.  Makes 28 fl oz of solution. 

MSRP: $7.99; Ages 3+

*Bubble Concentrate also sold separately: MSRP $4.99, Ages 3+

PEEPS® Sidewalk Chalk

Fun outdoor Easter play with PEEPS-branded Sidewalk Chalk! PEEPS iconic bunny shaped chalk is easy to hold, and draws smooth, bold, bright lines. Perfect for Easter Basket stuffers and non-candy basket alternatives. Includes 3 different color pieces. MSRP: $2.99; Ages 3+

PEEPS® Grow-a-Peep

Grow your own PEEPS!  Add water to the included container and watch the egg hatch to reveal a bunny or chick inside!  Replace with clean water – then watch the PEEP grow up to 3X its size!  Available in four color styles: green, pink, blue, and yellow. MSRP: $2.99; Ages 3+

Jelly Belly® On-The-Go Bubbles Assortment

The iconic Jelly Belly® shaped bottle now holds scented bubbles! With a convenient clips you can now carry your favorite Jelly belly® scented bubbles on-the-go! Comes in Very Cherry, Berry Blue and Green Apple and includes 2.7 fl oz of scented bubbles and wand. MSRP: $1.99, Ages 3+

Jelly Belly® Mini Wands

Mini Wands are perfect for parties, favors, and on-the-go bubble fun! Each item includes 4 mini bubble wands so multiple kids can play. Berry Blue, Very Cherry and Green Apple scented solution included and each wand holds .16 fl oz of scented bubble solution.  MSRP: $1.99, Ages 3+

PAW Patrol™ Marshall Action Bubble Blower

Blow continuous streams of bubbles with the pups from PAW Patrol™!  Just pull back on Marshall’s head to blow tons of bubbles!  Requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included.  Includes 4 fl oz of bubble solution.   MSRP: $12.99; Ages 3+

 PAW Patrol™ Bubble Pup Tag

Blow tons of bubbles with the PAW Patrol pups!  Each bubble bottle is shaped just like the characters’ pup tags on the show.  Each Pup Tag features a break-away neck cord and a full color graphic label so you can pick which pup to be – Marshall, Chase or Skye! Includes one fl oz of bubble solution. MSRP: $2.99, Ages 3+

Shimmer & Shine™ Magic Bubble Necklace  

Blow bubbles and make wishes with the Shimmer and Shine Magic Bubble Necklace!  The sculpted bubble necklace looks just like Leah’s necklace from Shimmer and Shine.  Unscrew the top of the genie bottle to reveal the bubble wand inside. Each necklace features a break away neck cord and includes 0.8 fl oz of premium bubble solution.  MSRP: $2.99, Ages 3+

Shimmer and Shine™ Jewel Water Backpack

With your Shimmer & Shine Jewel Water Pack – it’s easy to beat the summer heat in style!  Simply fill the jewel pack with water, put it on, adjust the easy-slide straps, and you’re ready to roll.  Hold the genie bottle handle, take aim, and pump the blaster to unleash the water! Holds 30 fl oz of water and sprays up to 30 feet.  MSRP: $14.99, Ages 3+

 PJ MASKS Bubbles

Kids can blow bubbles and save the day with the popular, PJ MASKS super heroes! The PJ MASKS super heroes are featured on our most popular bubble toys – the Giant Bubble Wand (MSRP: $2.99, Ages 3+), No-Spill® Bubblin’ Bucket (MSRP: $7.99, Ages 3 +) and Bubble Blastin’ Machine (MSRP: $12.99, Ages 3 +). 


Little Kids Inc Press Releases – Candylicious Bubbles

– Blow ‘em! Catch ‘em! Eat ‘em! Little Kids, Inc. today unveiled new product and new delicious flavors to their line of edible bubble products, Candylicious® Bubbles

The only edible bubbles on the market, Candylicious Bubbles are as tasty as they are fun, and include four product offerings. Safety tested and kid approved, Candylicious Bubbles are made in the USA.

New line addition for 2017:

Candylicious® Bubbles Motorized Bubble Blower 

Dip & Blow a stream of Bubbles You Can Eat!™  Great for aiming bubbles in the air to catch your favorite flavored bubbles!  Flavors include Cherry, Bubble Gum and – new for 2017 – Green Apple and Cotton Candy!  Includes 20 ml of edible bubble solution and dip tray.  MSRP: $5.99; Ages 5+

New flavors join the existing Candylicious® Bubbles line in 2017:

Candylicious® Bubbles Character Assortment 

Featuring a soft, squeezable toy topper, simply squeeze the Bubble Ninja and his tongue pops out.  Or squeeze, and bubbles pop up! Catch as many bubbles as you can before the Bubble Ninja eats them all up!  Includes 20 ml of edible bubble solution. MSRP: $4.99; Ages 5+

Candylicious® Bubble Assortment

Each Candylicious Bubbles pouch comes with 20 ml of edible bubble solution and a bubble wand. Flavors include Grape, Tutti Frutti, Bubble Gum, Cherry and – new for 2017 – Green Apple, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Pineapple.  MSRP: $2.99; Ages 5+

Candylicious® Bubbles Bubble Machine

Shaped like the infamous Bubble Ninja, the Candylicious Bubbles Bubble Machine keeps the bubbles blowing non-stop. Simply press the button to activate the bubbles and watch as they soar from the Bubble Ninja’s mouth! Includes two 2 fl oz. packets of edible bubble solution. MSRP: $12.99; Ages 5+

Candylicious Bubbles are currently available at mass and specialty retailers including Toys ‘R Us, Target and more. 

Little Kids Inc Press Releases – Magic Kitchen

– Kids can have fun in the kitchen too! Little Kids Inc. today announced a new line of kid-friendly, food activity products: Magic Kidchen. From popsicles and slushies to milkshakes and ice cream, Magic Kidchen empowers kids of any age to create tasty treats in minutes using real food and ingredients easily found in the kitchen.

Products in the Magic Kidchen line include:

  • Pull Pops: A fun and rewarding activity to make delicious and nutritious popsicles using wholesome ingredients like fruit, juice or yogurt. Just “pull” the liquid of choice in, freeze it, and pop out a tasty popsicle! Or use real fruit – just push the pop into your favorite fruit to make a layer, repeat, freeze, and pop! MSRP $5.99, Ages 4+
  • Slushy Maker: Make cool slushies in under a minute? Absolutely! Just grab the frozen Slushy Maker cup from the freezer, pour in a favorite chilled drink, and squeeze. In minutes, a delicious slushy awaits! Available in four bright color combinations. MSRP $9.99, Ages 4+
  • Frozen Milkshake Maker: In just a few minutes, flavored milk transforms into a frosty milkshake! Grab the frozen polar pack from the freezer, pour in milk, then spin, shake, and spin again to create a creamy milkshake. Available in two colourful styles. MSRP $14.99, Ages 4+
  • Ice Cream Magic Tray: This magic freezer-ready tray can turn flavored cream into real ice cream, ready to customize with nuts, sprinkles, fruit, and more! Just pour a thin layer of milk or cream onto the frozen tray, then use the spatula to spread and scrape as the milk freezes! MSRP $24.99, Ages 4+

    Magic Kidchen products are fun, safe toys that allow kids to play and have fun while making real, yummy food. Each Magic Kidchen product is BPA Free.  The full line of products will be available later this year.

Little Kids Inc Press Releases – Magic Kitchen

In 1992, Little Kids Inc. turned the bubble category upsidedown with the invention of the Original No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler.  The tumbler was designed to prevent accidental bubble spills that occur during normal play – you can tip it, drop it, or knock it over – and only the fun comes out!  The bubble solution stays inside – it’s no spill!  The tumbler created the No-Spill category and Little Kids Inc. quickly became an industry leader in the bubble world, as well as a saviour to moms, dads, grandparents, and most importantly, kids! No spills

In 2017, Little Kids Inc. celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the No-Spill Bubble Tumbler.  Since its launch in ‘92, the No-Spill® line has expanded to include additional items in the iconic tumbler shape – the No-Spill® Big Bubble Bucket, the No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler Minis®, and the NoSpill® Bubblin’ Bucket.  Additional items in Little Kids Inc. bubble line also incorporate No-Spill® features, such as the Fubbles® Bubble Shooter with a No-Spill® holster.  

Little Kids Inc. has launched a limited run of products with 25th anniversary packaging and special 25th anniversary celebrations are planned for Toy Fair 2017.   



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