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Just Play was awesome to litlgeeks at Toy Fair 2017!  We didn’t get a chance to make an appointment, but they managed to sneak us in for a quick glimpse at all the fun 2017 toys, and ….ooooh so worth it!!  The new PJ Masks stuff looks amazing…even though we can’t show you some of it!  Check out below for some fantastic Nickelodeon stuff, new from Just Play, including Spongebob, Rugrats

PJ Masks | Spirit | Nickelodeon | Power Rangers | Trolls

PJ Masks  The story for PJ Masks in 2017 is exactly what we wanted…more!! More characters, more play sets, more vehicles!  I even saw more than I can show you here, and I promise, PJ Masks fans will not be disappointed! 

Spirit  Spirit, all new show, all new toy line, kids and horse fans alike are going to swoon!

Nickelodeon  Oh that nostalgia gets me every single time.  Just Play is going to be putting out toys from a ton of your favorite Nickelodeon shows, Rugrats! Ren and Stimpy! Hey Arnold!

Power Rangers  Power Rangers The Movie gets some Just Play love with some huggables!

Trolls  There isn’t a Troll toy that isn’t wished for in the litlgeeks house, add these to the list!


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