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Oh the marvels we saw at the JAKKS Pacific booth at Toy Fair 2017!  Brand new reveals on World of Nintendo, Splatoon Guns, indoor app based exercise!  Minecraft costumes, tons of DC Super Hero Girls love!  Let’s dive in my friends!

Marvel | DC | Nintendo | Minecraft | Star Wars | Power Rangers | Smurfs | Gift Em’s | Food Toys | Action Toys | WWE

Marvel  Marvel offerings here are fantastic!  Some very interactive toys, Groot, and a web flinging Spider-Car!  Don’t forget, JAKKS is the home of Marvel Tsum Tsum!

DC  The Lego Batman game at DC is strong!  Check out those fantastic Bat costumes.  Big Figs are beautiful with Flash, Superman, Harley, movie Flash.  DC Super Hero Girls  gets a lot of love at JAKKS too!

Nintendo   Fans of World of Nintendo have become obsessed with what’s coming next, and we have a great lineup here starting with Doctor Mario, a near explody Bob-Bomb and more, check the images!  Also, Splatoon guns that shoot real Splatoony goodness!

Minecraft  litlgeeks love Minecraft, and these costumes are top notch!

Star Wars  Star Wars gets more Big Figs in 2017, Big Figs are amazing!  

Power Rangers  JAKKS is coming out with strong support of the 2017 Power Rangers movie, role play items, big figs, must. have. it. all.

Smurfs  The Smurfs are coming back to the theaters and JAKKS has you covered, plush and figures, playsets too!

Gift Em’s  Educational and adorable, Gift Em’s is officially a craze.  Check out the sets that feature state bases that you can piece together, collect all 50!

Food Toys  The Unicone and Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker…I smell a few Magic Box videos here!

Action Toys  JAKKS gives us some really cool toys to get kids off the couch.  An RC Skateboard, the Organix and Robotix Power Rippers and playsets, Real Workin’ Buddies, and check out the Little Mighty Gym.  Priced at around $100 it comes with everything you see pictured except for the iPad (comes with the frame, pad and stand).  Kids can go on adventures and exercise all while plugged into a tablet or phone.

WWE  Belts folks, we got belts here!

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