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Imperial Toy is bringing out some great stuff in 2017! Thank you so much to our friends at Imperial for taking us through the Toy Fair 2017 booth! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Bubble Lick | D-Lectables | Novelties | KAOS | Blitz Bubbles and More | Sports | Kiddy Up

Bubble Lick  When you walk up to a table at Toy Fair, and there is booze and bubbles, something is up!  Now, booze isn’t for the litlgeeks, but daddygeek is over 21, so he had the mix-ologists whip up a batch of Jim Beam and bubbles which they promptly blew into the air and I got to eat them.  They were delicious.  That said, this eat’n safe bubble solution can be mixed with almost anything yummy to bring you a tasty bubble solution for bubble-blowing and bubble-chomping!


D-Lectables  Adorable, but not quite edible Disney themed treats!  This line gets bigger this year, more playsets, more “flavors!”.

Novelties  All sorts of fun licensed novelties from Imperial Toy!

KAOS  A simple way to get your kids soaked, and you don’t even really need to do the work?  The highlight is a self tying water balloon creation system, Color Water Bombs!

Blitz Bubbles and More  Why stop at flavored bubbles when you can just do bubbles of all kinds, fast firing, R2-D2 bubble makers, bubbles bubbles bubbles!


Sports  Fantastic and litlgeek friendly sports equipment geared for litle hands in big ways!

Kiddy Up  For the litlest of geeks, Kiddy Up offers fantastic ball put play, some of the most innovative and durable play balls too!  

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