Link To Toy Fair Mega Post

Litlgeeks had a great time stopping down at Identity Games at Toy Fair 2017.  Identity Games has a bunch of great games that are out and coming that you need to take a look at.  You can see pictures of them all in the gallery, but some of our favorites:

Who’s the Dude – Incorporates a blow up dude into charades for endless fun!

Find It – The Find It series of games are fantastic, you roll a tube filled with stuff till you find the right objects, there are even some super hidden ones.  This is an ultimate fidget toy!

Dodgeball – Good luck…no seriously, we watched a demo of this soon coming game and it is frantic!  You need coordination, smarts and great reaction time to win here, you have to dodge and stack and…just good luck!

Poopy Head –  Everyone loves Poopy Head, you can pick it up today!



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