Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

The litlgeeks got an email a little bit before Toy Fair with some news about a fun looking box in a box game called Ice Cool.  We are really super excited to report, that everything you see below, we will be reviewing for you, and soon!!  For now though, we met the fine folks at Brain Games and had a nice demo of Ice Cool, which is great, because now we already know how to play.  The premise, you taken the boxes out of the box, you set them up by clipping them together with little fish.  Then, you need to flick your penguin (there are penguins involved, did I mention that?) through the gateways between the boxes.  You collect your color fish for each gateway you clear…but wait, there is more!  There is one penguin who is after the others, and if he catches them, they are out!  

This game is going to be tons of fun and we can’t wait to share it with you.  For now, thank you to our new friend Liga who took the time to talk to us about Ice Cool, and have a look!

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