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Hexbug is bursting at the seams with amazing new playsets and building kits for all ages in 2017.  From educational to the moon, to the…ARENA!  Let’s check em out!

Aquabots | Battlebots | Gladiators | Hexbug | Hexbug Jr | Nano | NitroVex

Aquabots  Swimming Aquabots!

Battlebots  New for this year, Hexbug has teamed with Battlebots to bring the destruction.  Available in a few different flavors, you can get build / RC size kits, or smaller non-RC versions.


Gladiators  These explosive little warriors can fit on flat land, or these great pedestals made specifically to get the bots to fight!


Hexbug  Can’t beat the classics.

Hexbug Jr  Can’t beat the classics for litlgeek sized hands!

Nano  Classic, better, stronger, faster…

Nitro  Just a video here, these Hexbugs navigate awesome maze / obstacle courses!


Vex  Advanced, robotic, mechanical build kits!


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