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Something the litlgeeks are very excited about from Toy Fair, FlyCatcher FollowGrams.  Now, before we get into the nitty gritty, know that this is a KickStarter,14 days left, just $500 shy of the goal as of today, so read this, then click the link below to back it, because it needs to happen!

Flycatcher Kickstarter

Now then, FollowGrams crossed our path in some emails prior to Toy Fair and we were immediately excited, because the litlgeeks love to draw.  More, litlninja has already, on his own taken up the skill of tracing.  What is FollowGrams?  To quote the Kickstarter page. “FollowGrams is the only smart projector that magically teaches kids how to draw, just like a professional sketch artist! In addition, kids can learn how to write letters and numbers too!”

It’s this amazing extension of your smart device that will allow you to project pretty much any image ever onto a page for tracing.  You connect FollowGrams to your device over Bluetooth, snap a picture, load up the picture in the companion app, the app magically creates a trace image, and the FollowGrams device projects it onto a page for you to trace.  Not just pictures though, this is an outstanding tool for learning numbers, letters and more.  If you check out the video on the Kickstarter, it will show you that it’s not just a static image projected that you can trace, but a procedural one that kids can follow step by step.  Very very cool stuff, and we were very impressed in person.  

Now that you are excited, go fund this!

Flycatcher Kickstarter

You can also check out the official FlyCatcher FollowGrams site here.

Now, have a look at a few in person and a ton of great images of this innovative new product!  Let’s get this funded, the litlgeeks wanna try one!

Just some extra vitals:

An app-connected projector that teaches how to draw pictures, letters and numbers in a fun hands-on experience.

Launch Date – New York Toy Fair 2017

Available Date – July/August 2017

Retail Price – $49.95

Age Group – 5+

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