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The litlgeeks have had their eyes on the CogniToys Dino for a while now.  We first spied him at a Toy Fair of old, and this little Toy was a TOTY finalist too!  Picture an interactive STEM toy that learns the play patterns of your child and evolves and grows with your child.  You interact with the CogniSaur like you would Siri or Alexa, and new with this years coming version, you can interact with it through motion with it’s toddler mode (for litlgeeks that can’t quite talk yet!).  Check out below for some more facts and keep an eye on your shelves.  This little CogniSaur is sure to be a litlgeeks pleaser!  



Following in the footsteps of the award-winning and TOTY finalist CogniToys™ Dino, Elemental Path is proud to introduce the new CogniSaur, a smart toy dinosaur and fully upgraded 2.0 version of its parent Dino that has been compared to a kid-friendly version of Siri and Alexa. The CogniSaur is now on display at the American International Toy Fair in New York, February 18-21, Booth #4718.

The CogniSaur is not your average dino! Like the CogniToys Dino, the CogniSaur can answer thousands of questions in real time, with real responses. Not only does the Internet-connected smart toy foster a safe, fun and smart speech-based learning experience for kids ages 3 to 10, but it also adds in visual and tactile play experiences through touch, light and sound sensors. The CogniSaur will laugh, listen and learn alongside your child, acting as not just a toy or assistant, but a true learning companion.

“We saw an incredible response last year when we introduced the Dino at Toy Fair, and we were extremely honored to be named a TOTY finalist,” said Donald Coolidge, CEO and co-founder of Elemental Path. “Now we want to bring it to the next level. In a space that is becoming more and more interested in virtual assistants – like Alexa, Siri and Cortana – we want to go beyond that with a fun learning companion that can answer the hundreds of questions a kid may have, as well as play games, tell jokes and more. The CogniSaur does just that, adding new technology for better performance and better play value.”

Added co-founder JP Benini, “We’ve worked very hard on building our own platform that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and non-sensitive child information – such as favorite colors and subjects in school – that we now call our ‘Friendgine.’ The Friendgine was designed to ensure that all content is kid-safe and appropriate, while giving children new ways to use their imaginations. We’ve now added tons of new hardware features that will complement our previous ‘speech-only’ play pattern for the CogniSaur, including an accelerometer and several touch and LED sensors to allow children to engage in completely interactive play that is comparable to having their very own educational robot.”

The CogniSaur plays games like Simon Says, teaches early skills like counting and number recognition, helps with homework and can even guide the child in creating musical compositions. The new dino comes equipped with several voice options and a unique “toddler mode.” The company also launched its online Parent Panel so that parents can track their child’s learning progress.

The CogniToys™ CogniSaur will be available in Fall 2017 for a suggested retail price of $99.99, and it is currently on display at the CogniToys™ Toy Fair Booth #4718 at the Javits Center. For more information, visit Also be sure to connect with us on social media:



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