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The CleverBed really is so cool!  The event of sleeping not in their bed is generally already pretty cool, but add beautifully licensed beds (and some non-licensed just really cute ones), give them a mechanism for easy open and clean up, fill em with air to boot!  You’ve got a winner for litlgeeks!  The CleverBed comes in a few different models, check out the gallery and below the gallery for a complete fact sheet and pricing.  This is the kind of thing that will have the litlgeeks asking if they can sleep over at Mema’s house…which would be nice.  Really nice actually, just one night?

CleverBed™ ‘The complete self-inflating sleep solution’.

The revolutionary CleverBed is the only self-inflating, all-in-one sleeping solution that inflates in under a minute. Simply unroll the CleverBed and open the valve to inflate. A few breaths of air can be used to top-up and increase firmness if preferred before closing the valve to seal the air inside. No pump is required. Storage is just as easy too. To deflate, open the valve to allow the air out, roll it up, close the valve and put it away in the carry bag included.

It features a fully integrated sleeping bag cover including a fitted sheet, duvet insulation and a soft fleece lined pillow section that easily zips on and off to wash or to change design. The collection starts for children aged 2 – 8 years, and features Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, Shimmer & Shine, Animal Planet, together with classic Blue Star and Pink Spotty designs. The range from 9 years plus, includes graffiti and rainbow designs. The adult range includes a black/lime pattern.

Currently available at Amazon from $39.99, for children ages 2-8.

The clever stuff behind the CleverBed™!

  • Zip-on sleeping bag
  • 2-3 season warmth
  • Self-inflating mattress/pillow
  • Breathable inner sheet
  • Water resistant mattress
  • Virtually puncture-proof
  • No pump required
  • Travel bag included

Clever Sleeping Bag™ – Roll. Click. Carry.

 The new Clever Sleeping Bag is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind portable sleeping mattress and bag combination that is perfect for stay-overs, camping trips and more. Simply unclick the clasps, unroll the Clever Sleeping Bag and hop in for a good nights’ rest. Features a removable foam mattress, inner sheet and cover – machine washable. Effortlessly rolls up in just 15 seconds for easy storage.

 Clever Bedding™– ‘The All-In-One Bedding System’

 With Clever Bedding, children can make up their bed in a matter of seconds with just a flip and a zip! This machine washable bedding solution features a sewn-in fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet insulation and cover and a pillowcase that easily and securely fits directly onto the bed.  Expandable side walls allow children to move around in comfort and it includes handy side pockets for storage. Features durable, high-end materials for breathability, comfort and warmth. To clean, simply remove the pillow and place the whole set in the wash. Choose from various print themes including: dinosaurs, sports, transportation, chevrons, rabbits and butterflies. Available in Cot Bed and Twin sizes, MSRP $49.99 – $69.99.

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