Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

Calliope Games makes fun games.  If you are a games company, I expect that of you.  Otherwise, you probably shouldn’t be a games company.  What Calliope does that many other game companies don’t, is they make fun games, that are simple to learn, artful to master, and can be setup for play quickly.  At Toy Fair, litlgeeks got a peek at Tsuro, a competitive maze creation game, where you not only want to continue navigating by placing tiles, but you can take out your opponent!  We also got eyes on Roll For It.  A simple math / card / dice based game that is great for quick fun on the go, in a restaurant, and it’s math, that’s educational!  Parents, including the parents of litlgeeks want educational + fun always!  After a great conversation with the folks at Calliope Games, we were left wanting more, wanting to see more, wanting to play more!  I can’t wait to explore more Calliope Games in 2017!

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