Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

Breaking Games was a fun stop on the Toy Fair trail.  More games for the biggergeeks than the litlgeeks, but still a great spread of card games, table games, and even self rolling dice!!

Games | Pixel PalsBig Box of Magic | Boogie Dice

Games Breaking Games brings their best here, tons of fantastic, cutting edge, fun and funny games!  Game of Phones, Poop, Suddenly Drunk and more!!

Pixel Pals Adorable pixel-art style original characters fill out this line.  Each character comes with their own unique theme in their own unique packaging to fit that them.  

Big Box of Magic It is what it says…a big box of great magic tricks!

Boogie Dice What if I told you you could roll dice, without…rolling dice!  Boogie Dice roll by themselves at your command….and D20 is in the works!

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