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Beasts of Balance by Sensible Object is a beautiful stacking game.  The “Beasts” are very artful artifacts, stack and use the companion app until the tower falls!


A Stacking Game of Wild Creation!

Beasts of Balance is an award-winning new game of skill, strategy and creation. Using the latest tech innovation, Beasts of Balance combines a physical tabletop game with an innovative digital app much like an interactive video game for the ultimate in Augmented Reality experiences! This unique game is the first from London-based developer Sensible Object, a game studio that explores new territory for games where the latest technology can blend physical and digital into new fun and social experiences! Beasts of Balance uses innovative technology developed by Sensible Object, including RFID to recognize the pieces, load sensors to detect whether the tower is standing and Bluetooth to connect to the player’s iOS or Android powered tablet!
How Does it Work?

1. Select. Choose one of the Artefacts, i.e. beasts to play. Touch it to the Plinth play-base and then stack it onto the tower. Each beast is worth different points:
• 3-point pieces:
o Warthog – Land
o Octopus – Sea
o Toucan – Sky
• 6-point pieces:
o Bear – Land
o Shark – Sea
o Eagle – Sky

2. Stack. As you stack each piece, you’ll see the corresponding world you’ve created on the connected app on your phone or tablet. Each beast will evolve into a marvelous new creature as you play the special Cross pieces.

3. Strategize. Be sure to build your tower with skill and strategy, as you want to get the highest score, but if the tower collapses then it’s game over!
Beasts of Balance is available at Marbles and for a suggested retail price of $109.99. For more information, visit and follow @beastsofbalance on Facebook and Twitter.

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