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It’s not every day you get to meet sea life  that has gone to actual space.  Well…on a fine day at Toy Fair 2017, the litlgeeks did just that. Aqua Dragons are aquatic pets, also known as brine shrimp which you can hatch and grow, waking them up from their state of hibernation to watch them, swim, eat and even reproduce. Their eggs are preserved in the eggs sachets and just waiting for you to hatch and grow them, in one of the Aqua Dragons tanks.  They are very near to their Kickstarter goal with 13 days left  to go, so go support this fun product by clicking HERE!

We had a great time learning about how these little creatures made it to space.  It wasn’t on a rocket, (and they are sending more!), it was on a weather balloonish sort of ride to the stratosphere…still, space is very much space, and I can’t say that I’ve been there, but these Aqua Dragons…yep.  Check out some images and the official press release below.



World Alive’s successful brand of Aqua Dragons is reaching new heights as they expand the collection with the new Aqua Dragons in Space! The mission is complete, as Aqua Dragons have now traveled to space, just like our favorite astronauts.  The live aquatic creature’s eggs have flown to the outermost stratospheres of the planet and returned to Earth.  Each Aqua Dragons in Space product contains a Certificate of Authenticity confirming their flight.  Kids will love the newest addition to the home when they meet their new pets.  All it takes to care for these pets is some food and oxygen, no water changing or cleaning needed. 

Watch the full space travel mission on YouTube to see where Aqua Dragons have explored.  Children can also download the Aqua Dragons app, available for free on iOS or Android devices, to learn fun facts and play educational games.

Check out the full collection of Aqua Dragons in Space as follows.


Live Astro Pets Deluxe (6002)

Ages 6+, $24.95

Want everything needed to keep Aqua Dragons in Space happy, healthy and clean? The new Deluxe set has it all! The Live Astro Pets Deluxe set comes with all the essentials needed to grow a new community of sea creatures that have traveled to space.  The Aqua Dragons will have a new home in their planet-shaped tank.  The new Deluxe set tank has a fun LED light-up base and glows in the dark. The set also features a strip thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water and a bubbler that helps oxygenate the tank keeping a perfect ecosystem.  The Deluxe set will provide everything needed to keep the little space travelers comfortable in their new cozy home. 
Live Astro Pets (6001)

Ages 6+, $14.95

After just 48 hours of the eggs entering the water, Aqua Dragons will start to grow and become every family’s new pet. The Live Astro Pets set comes with a planet-shaped tank with craters and the tank features a base that glows in the dark. Everything you need to know about the new family pet can be found in the included space manual, and extra online content in the app or website.   Once the eggs are in the tank, the aquatic creatures will hatch from their hibernated egg state to grow, swim, eat, and more.  The new Aqua Dragons set will encourage every child to learn more about caring for a living being, life cycles and space

Live Astro Pets Refills (6003)

Ages 6+, $7.50                                                                                                                              

Need more food or want to add more pets to the family? Aqua Dragons in Space also comes in a refill set.  The refill set includes a glow in the dark spoon, space eggs, spaced food, the Authenticity Certificate and a space manual.  Wait a few days and a new family of space explorers will fill the tank!

For more information about Aqua Dragons, visit or find us social media:

Twitter: @AquaDragons






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