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The wonderful folks at AQI had us down to walk through their booth at Toy Fair and they showed us a bunch of great, interesting toys for 2017, from Magic sets to Rilakkuma.  Let’s take a look see, shall we?

Marvin’s Magic | Rilakkuma |  BuddyPhones | Sumikko Gurashi

Marvin’s Magic  Marvin’s Magic offers a fantastic line of fun kits, litlgeeks and biggeeks alike will find something to love here.

Marvin’s Magic is recognized as the leading brand for aspiring magicians worldwide. With an extensive collection of award winning magic sets, whether you are a magical expert or complete novice, there is a set for you! Simple enough for everyone, you are guaranteed to impress even the most sophisticated crowds. 

Combining the magical secrets of traditional sets with the latest technology, Marvin’s iMagic Box Set offers the next level of astonishing illusions, interactive play, and mind blowing entertainment. A bumper box collection of magical props, combined with the unique Marvin’s iMagic App, unveil incredible and interactive secret smart magic for smart devices. You won’t believe your eyes! Age: 8+ MSRP: $39.99


Rilakkuma  Adorable, massive line of …I mean, just everything.  accessories, plush, bags, have a look at the pictures and official press info below.

Over the past decade, the Rilakkuma brand and its characters (Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori) have become a key part of Japanese culture and the essence of the Kawaii lifestyle. These three unlikely companions live with a hard-working Tokyo woman named Kaoru. Every day they take on a new adventure and find ways to keep themselves occupied, while Kaoru is at work.  

Rilakkuma encourages creativity and imagination! The excitement and craze around the brand stems from having the control to make each character unique. Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are available in: plush, apparel & accessories, electronics and stationary. Each bear has their own unique qualities and characteristics, and new adventures are always waiting! This gang is always looking for an adventure and always looking for new friends!

New for 2017, Rilakkuma will be available in Panda, Tiger, and Cat. Age: All Ages MSRP: $9.99 +  

BuddyPhones   Safe, kid friendly headphones with volume limits.  In the litlgeeks house, we need these!! The headphones are always on.  

BuddyPhones are volume limiting headphones that protect young ears. BuddyPhones are for sharing and more importantly, safety. BuddyPhones use a built –in, always on, sound control circuit that caps volume levels at 85 +/-3 decibels, which is the recommended level for children. These headphones are durable and withstand the twists and rough play of kids! With built in audio splitters, they allow for up to four Buddy Phones to share the same device! Kids can also customize their BuddyPhones with five sets of stickers! Age: 3+ MSRP: $24.99


Sumikko Gurashi  

These are the stories of creatures that came from different corners. In Japanese, Sumikko means ‘corner’ and Gurashi means ‘living’. These adorable plush characters each have their own unique characteristics that make them fun for everyone. With quirky personalities and adorable stories behind them, it will be love at first sight! Age: All Ages MSRP: $9.99 +


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