With a more than 50-year history of products Made in America, American Plastic Toys offers the most comprehensive collection of injection molded toys in the nation. Products include seasonal play items, ride-on toys, vehicles, sports toys, role-play toys and plastic furniture sets for children.  The complete collection is made in the USA (Michigan & Mississippi) and offers quality toys at an affordable price for American families.


My Very Own Ice Cream Cart

$19.99, Ages 2+, Fall 2017

Order up!  Now kids can play the role of their favorite ice cream server when they get behind the counter of this colorful ice cream cart.  Included in this 24-piece set are scoops of ice cream, cones, bowls, scoopers, serving spoons, coins, and a credit card to ring up the orders. For even more role-play fun, kids can pretend to serve their friends with the stackable scoops of ice cream flavors.  With two big anchoring wheels, it’s easy to move the cart indoors or out.

Gigantic Fire Truck

$19.99, Ages 2+, Fall 2017

Children can come to the rescue and be the heroes with this new super-sized Fire Truck.  This bright red engine makes a daring entrance at two feet in length.  Kids can play out the action with the moveable boom bucket, extension ladders and storage compartment.

Gigantic Auto Hauler

$19.99, Ages 2+, Fall 2017

Beep beep!  Make way for this heavy-duty two-foot long Gigantic

Auto Hauler, all set to transport the fleet. It comes complete with one sports car and ready for any others packing the toy lot.  The large tilting bed makes it easy to load, just like a real Auto Hauler.

Character Vehicle Assortment

$1.99, Ages 1 ½+, Available Now

Kids, characters and vehicles = fun and imaginative play from American Plastic Toys. The new character vehicle assortment includes all the kids’ favorites – airplanes, tug boats and construction trucks.  These vehicles feature fun character faces and bright colors that create hours or engaging play. 

Sea Creature Shovels

$0.99, Ages 1 ½+, Available Now 

American Plastic Toys puts a fun twist on the classic beach shovel with the new Sea Creature collection.  Kids can dig in with a silly octopus or a quirky lobster to create fun patterns and shapes in the sand. 

Construction Scoop

$2.99, Ages 1 ½+, Available Now

For the big dig, American Plastic Toys features the sturdy kid-sized construction scoop. Kids can take on the toughest mountain in the sandbox or at the beach with this colorful shovel and scoop.

All American Plastic Toys products are made of Polypropylene and Polyethylene safety tested to meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards as required by the CPSC and CPSIA.

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