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No Toy Fair is complete without a stop to see our friends at Alpha.  If you aren’t familiar with Alpha, it is the new name for Auldey Toys, and if that still isn’t ringing a bell, Super Wings!  Let’s check out Alpha’s set of upcoming Super Wings toys and some fantastic, easy to fly drones too!

Super Wings | Sky Rovers


Super Wings  Super Wings has been kicking up runway dust for a little over two years now, but we were first introduced to the toys at Toy Fair 2016.  Transforming anthropomorphic jets with a mission to educate and do good!  This year Alpha expands the line with more jets, more playsets.  Some we couldn’t picture, but we assure you, Super Wings fans have plenty to be excited about.  Transforming jets that get their own Mech Suits!



Sky Rovers  Well, Sky Rover and Drone Force actually.  Sky Rover, you have your drones that record video, do stunts, are quite awesome.  Drone Force, drones that resemble creatures, bugs, fish, morphing drones.  Voice command drones!  Young pilots will want for nothing with this lineup of fantastic aerial acrobats.


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