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The litlgeeks were invited down to a fantastic party at the Alex Brands Booth at Toy Fair 2017.  We got to see all of the great stuff from Alex Brands, and from Buzz Bee Toys!  We took a bunch of pictures, had a little to eat, got to shoot some guns…it was a heck of a way to end Toy Fair for us…and while coverage continues beyond this post, well, today we wanted to get you all the great info out of Alex Brands and Buzz Bee, so here we are!

Buzz Bee Toys | Alex Brands

Buzz Bee Toys  Buzz Bee Toys has some really incredible, fun stuff going on here.  They are blowing up the foam dart gun market with incredible guns and exciting features.  The line will work with 3 different darts, one for accuracy, one for suction and one for distance.  The variety here is truly incredible.  I got a chance to shoot a rifle with a laser sight on it. I still managed to miss, but I blame it on the fact that I was pretty much more tired than I had ever been by the time I got here.  Still though, these are a joy to shoot and will be fantastic at any back yard party.  I can picture the litlgeeks chasing each other around outside now!

Alex Brands  Alex Brands product library is just absolutely incredible.  You can fill a whole toy store with just Alex Brands, and I’m sure toy stores like that exist, and should.  A bunch of great stuff here!

Brainy Bucks a line of money / transaction based toys that helps to teach kids how to use money, perform transactions, use registers, love this!

Slinky, yep, it’s slinky!

Toy Story gets some Alex Brands love with Slinky Dog!  

Future Coders is a great STEM toy for young coders.

Alex Brands also showcased Magic Kits, outdoor sports toys, role play / dress up items and just so much more.  Check out the gallery and be on the lookout for more Alex Brands info at litlgeeks through 2017!


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