Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

The litlgeeks got a  pretty comprehensive look at the product line of 3Doodler before Toy Fair 2017, you can check that out here.  We got an up close look and some good pictures from the 3Doodler setup on site at Toy Fair, and we are excited to share some of the highlights with you.  Star Trek them kit!  YES!  We couldn’t take pictures of that though.  We were allowed to take pictures of the 3Doodler Start, Architecture, Robotics and more.  The 3Doodler is a fascinating little piece of hardware that lets you draw objects to literal life in 3D.  The litlgeeks are desperate to Magic Box this, hopefully in 2017!  You can pick up the 3Doodler Start Essentials kit for around $59.99.


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