Uncle Milton has been a Toy Fair favorite of MUReview since we have been going to Toy Fairs and this year is no different.  With their unique take on interactive, educational play mechanics, and their awesome licenses, the kids always win!  Let’s have a look at what Uncle Milton brought to the show…protip, it’s all awesome!

Ant Farm

Did you know that the Ant Farm brand is 60 years old?  Now you do!  You should also know that it’s still going strong and you can pick up amazing new, connectable sets in stores from Uncle Milton this year!


Dino X Team

Dino X Team will get some great new toys this year with glow in the dark puzzles and an awesome, oozey Skeletal Slime Chamber.


Uncle Milton goes VR!

Uncle Milton is taking some of it’s awesome properties and bringing them into the 22nd century (I know I know, we aren’t even there yet, but Uncle Milton is!).  With Dino X Team, Antopia and the Space Explorer play sets, kids will get a set of VR goggles, put a standard size phone (iOS / Android, just not plus sizes) in the headset and they can immerse themselves in whole, literal universes.  The litlgeeks must try this!!


Star Wars and Marvel

The Star Wars and Marvel offerings from Uncle Milton never disappoint.  Following up last years Jedi Holocron, we will get a similar functioning Tesseract! (Cosmic cube!).  We also get a brand new Kylo Ren wall light Light Saber!


Bug You

Created by a cancer survivor, Bug You seeks to make the germs that bug you a little bit more love-able and a little bit more friendly.  All kinds of hug-able bugs are available!


Light Vines, Blo N Glo, My Sign

Uncle Milton is bringing all sorts of innovative and personalized ways to light up your room to market in 2016 featuring great licenses like Finding Dory, Frozen and Minnie Mouse.  Kids can’t be afraid of the dark if the light is on and charming!

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