MUReview had a great time visiting the fine folks at Schleich.  Schleich is one of the most unbelievably reliable producer of quality toys for what seems to be my whole life.  Knights, dragons, dinos, farm animals, anything you can think of really…until now.  Schleich has moved into the realm of unthinkable! Super heroes, fairies, look out below!


Now you can get your hands on finely detailed collectibles that are durable and fun to play with!  Schleich will be putting out the Justice League (set $59.99) as well as supporting Batman Vs. Superman with great characters.



Gorgeous fairy play sets, just over the top and beautiful, so much interactivity, you have to see them to believe them!  Be on the lookout for the new movie soon!



Harness the power of dragons and gryphons in a battle as old as time.  Read along in the app and you can play out the story in your living room.



Schleich is bringing some great new playsets for dinosaurs to market this year, including a volcano set with a secret rock entrance.  You can also pick up dino puzzles!

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