Just before Toy Fair 2016, Patch, maker of really awesome games, became PlayMonster.  My head spins at the logistics behind changing a company name and having business cards ready during Toy Fair crunch, but they pulled it off and I love the new name!  Patch is a company we hadn’t heard of before Toy Fair 2015.  It wasn’t until they pulled us into their booth and had us sign up because we got caught in a promo video being shot, that we discovered Stinky Pig.  It was all on the rails from there.  The litlgeeks reviewed and loved Stinky Pig when Patch sent it to us, and Patch had since come out with some awesome games, namely one of the holiday hits of 2015, Chrono Bomb.  Now, as PlayMonster, the company is poised to deliver an INCREDIBLE and massive portfolio of games to fans waiting for something fun to play!  A very big thank you to Sally, the Publicity Monster for PlayMonster…best job title ever!  Now, if you want to hear a little bit about everything we saw, read on, but if you just want to look at the pictures, scroll way down to the gallery!

Prove It

Think, Name that tune meets truth or dare, but with good wholesome family fun.  The game will challenge people to tasks and get them up off the couch to do them.  It’s up to the people to call out who can do the task the most, or the best, and the one that accomplishes wins the point.



Two great new Stratego games were shown off, Stratego conquest, that mixes a little fantasy and role play into the game, and Stratego Waterloo, which takes the famous battle and brings it into the world of Stratego!



9 cubes are rolled, each side has a subject.  A digital game piece calls out a letter.  Players then look to answer the questions on the cubes with the appropriate lettered answer.  Doing so gets you a cube for the round and a point.  The game is very natural playing and instantly competitive!


The Celebrity Name Game

PlayMonster is bringing home the family favorite game and it’s gonna be fun!



Roll color and number dice and GRAB!  Sure to turn the family into twitchy, grabby PlayMonsters!



Several dice are placed onto a dice popping mechanism, they pop off and show color and number.  When it’s your turn, your dice will net you the numbered / color rings laid out on the table.  Collect rings to win!


PlayMonster for the little little folks

PlayMonster showed off a bunch of wonderful baby and toddler friendly product including Glow to Sleep an infant soother that is bluetooth connectable and will record and playback your voice.  The myPad touch which has dozens of sounds available for young learners will keep toddlers pressing for hours!  And my favorite from the bunch OK To Wake.  This adorable little plush will show different color eyes to your child when it’s time for them to wake up, or time for them to stay asleep.


My Fairy Garden

Beautifully detailed play sets allow for young gardeners to plant and grow while playing, all with the whimsical fairy toys surrounding the play experience.



Perplexus gets enhancements to the Q-Bot and Drakko playsets in 2016.  Train and tease your brain to unlock the magic of these tricky puzzles.


Lauri Action Stackers

For early builders, these building sets allow for some incredible experiences.



New to the PlayMonster portfolio, Roominate is going to undergo a bit of a change from what is pictured with newly designed play pieces and characters, but the concept will remain the same.  Build rooms, make them interactive.  This proven brand will bring a whole new play experience to PlayMonster!  There is even an App-Based component to play with!



This incredible motion piece is being delivered in beautifully detailed, baltic birch wood play sets that can connect to each other.  You can also purchase a mechanical crank turn so that the motion will never stop and you don’t actually have to do anything.  Smaller sets (4 at 29.99 each) will take about an hour to construct, while the larger sets will retail for $49.99 and take 2-4 hours to assemble.  Each set comes with a comic detailing the science behind the motion of the set.

Everything we saw at PlayMonster from Toy Fair 2016 we absolutely loved and we can’t wait to give it all a spin with friends and family this year!

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