One of our first stops along the Toy Fair 2016 trail was to see our friend Stephanie at Play Visions.  Play Visions has spent 2015 creating and improving on some incredible toys that you have to see to believe!  Check out the gallery for all the fun toys! (it’s at the end)

Sands Alive A great new take on play sand.  This moldable sand now comes with color changing properties under UV light (glasses must be purchased).

Floof  Play snow! …wait, snow? Yes!  You can mold with it, play with it, and it doesn’t even need to be a freezing February Sunday in NYC.  All things being equal, the color, the texture, very cotton candy like.  The temptation to eat it…impossibly high.


Flip-A-Zoo These adorable plush creatures can flip between one animal type and another in just a second, check out the video!

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