It was a blustery cold Sunday afternoon in New York City for the Toy Fair 2016 Mattel Collector event.  An event normally held at the Javitz Center (Toy Fair central location) during pre-or post show hours.  This year though, Mattel invited it’s press based fans off site for a few drinks and some appetizers.  Now…normally off site activities are quite thrilling, and I won’t say that this one wasn’t…but man oh man was the weather not cooperating, it was COLD!

MUReview arrived at the event venue, the Troy Liquor Bar, about a half hour before the start time, which we thought was 2:30…but we mis-read.  2:30 was shuttle time from Javitz to the venue.  Happy accident to start with, we found Bills Burger and Bar sitting right on top of the venue (opposite side of the block).  Some of the tastiest fries we’ve ever had!  After wrapping up our impromptu mini-lunch, we tried to make our way down to the party but…yeah, still way early.  Also, and to Mattel’s great credit, there was a massive flood in the original venue.  The space however was able to accommodate the size-able party of Mattel just down the next set of stairs.  So with less than a half hour to go before the official start time of the party, Angela (amazing lady organizing the event), and her team managed to migrate all of their displays, get everything setup, and have doors open by 3.  Between then and where we stood though was a half hour of freezing time!  We didn’t want to give up our awesome place in line or get shifted behind the shuttle traffic, so we decided to stay the course.  Graciously, Mattel opened doors pretty early and let early comers hang out in the small lobby area.  The difference in warmth was about 30 degrees and we are eternally grateful.  Also eternally grateful for?  The invitation to the party!  The amazing spread of toys!  The delicious drinks!  But mostly, for Mattel having us down to the party, what a great time!

Before we check out the toys that we saw, I want to give a nod to something we didn’t see while at the party.  Mattel announced an easy-does-it, kid friendly, affordable 3D printer at Toy Fair. ThingMaker, $300, print action figures…yes. Yes. YES!  You can pre-order today, and if you are creative and like toys, you should.  ThingMaker allows for both free design and template based printing by way of connected app.  Not a piece for a collector based event, as said, it wasn’t where we were, but it shouldn’t be ignored!

Now, onto the toys and the bar!

The setup

After the way Mattel rallied to move their whole event from one venue to another within the hour before show time, I feel like it’s critical to show you just how good stuff looked…so …look.


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad toys were a late reveal in the afternoon.  Once everyone was settled in with drinks in hand, sheets came off of display stands to show off Mattel’s treatment of the much anticipated DC movie property.  Displayed under the brand of DC Comics Multiverse were a line of 6 inch figures as well as a line of highly detailed 12 inch figures (Joker and Deadshot displayed).   The figures, all very well done, detailed and articulated, left one major question.  “Hey wait a second, where the heck is Harley Quinn?!”.  Well…she’s coming, just not here yet.


DC Comics Multiverse

At $19.99 Mattel is putting out some masterful figures of DC heroes and villains.  2016 strengthens the roster and does the growing line great Justice (see what I did there?).  With TV updates on Flash and Arrow, to filling a massive gap by bringing Supergirl (CBS) to the line, Mattel shores up DC TV.  In the comic realm, we get a stunning Bizarro, Lex Luthor,Joker and Doomsday!


Batman Vs. Superman

The Batman Vs. Superman buzz is going strong in advance of the films March release date and Mattel is giving fans plenty of opportunity to play out the story before it happens on screen in their living rooms and play rooms.  Many of the toys are out on shelves already, but there are some amazing highlights, specifically the Wonder Woman Barbie (12 inch) and Batman …Ken? Prices range from $39.95 – $80.



I’ve been around long enough to see a lot of He-Man action figures.  I’ve owned more than my fair share.  I’d be lying to you if I said I was current with all of my He-Man info though.  What waves, what characters, etc.  What I do know though, is that what Mattel is showing off in 2016 are not your father’s He-Man figures.  Literally, I could be old enough to be your father, and these aren’t what I grew up with.  They are shockingly detailed, very well articulated.  The accessories, sculpt, paint applications are amazing.  That they can remain so true to what I remember but be so new and beautiful is mind blowing.  Check out the gallery and salivate over Rotor!



Premium, gorgeous, Thundercats figures for $30.  Much like He-Man, growing up, they didn’t look anywhere near this good.  The Thundercats brand is in very capable hands with Mattel!


Mega Bloks

Since bringing Mega Bloks into the Mattel fold in 2014, Mega Bloks has put out some amazing building sets and aquired some brilliant licenses for the medium.  This year is no different.  Mattel continues to build out the Halo line and it looks great.  However, the big news in 2015 / 2016 is the grab of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The biggest Mega Bloks news of the day for me, was the Terrordome.  Check out the gallery for images, but first.  Adding to the strong gaming portfolio, Mega Bloks will be bringing Destiny kits to market!









Spoilers in the gallery!  Showcased at the event were action figures for the upcoming Ghostbusters film.  The known cast was included, but some unknowns dropped as well, including what is rumored to be the “main villain”.  Eyers beware!



Witness the birth of a new line.  Kubros, Mattel’s take on block figures features a ton of great licenses, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Halo, Star Trek, Terminator, He-Man and more!  $14.99 each.


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels just keeps making awesome cars and vehicles.  Check out the gallery for a ton of great Star Wars ships, Marvel and DC cars, and Batman Vs. Superman!



Mattel brings more and more to the license, Hot Wheels, tracks, block figures, mini figures.  Everything for the Minecraft fan.


DC Superhero Girls

Mattel is throwing their many years of experience behind this line of young super hero women and making some stunning figures because of it.  The DC Super Hero Girls line features and supports the cast of the popular new show DC Superherogirls, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee Batgirl and more.   Action figures are MSRP $9.99 and Action Dolls are $19.99.


Monster High

Monster High is totally not in our wheelhouse to talk about, but we did get some pictures, so if you are a fan, you’ve got more Monster High coming your way in 2016.

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