Jakks Pacific makes titanic toys in the most awesome fashion.  Their licenses are strongly supported with just…epic sized plastic.  Huge Vaders, Kylo’s, monsterous Ninja Turtles.  This year at Toy Fair, Jakks Pacific welcomed MUReview and litlgeeks into their booth to show us just how big things will get for them in 2016…hint…massive!

Jakks is going to take their gigantic line and expand it in 2016.  We will see a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Zord, A Halo Masterchief and…hopefully (but not shown), the third gigantic Ninja Turtle (Leo and Mikey are already out).

2016 will find Jakks bringing toys to market to support the forthcoming World of Warcraft movie, and the toys are beautiful (see gallery).

Star Wars and DC lines are filled in, more Bats, Flash, and no booth at Toy Fair was complete without their take on the Force Awakens favorite, BB-8.  Jakks Pacific puts out a giant size BB-8 that kids are going to love in 2016!

Thanks again to Jakks Pacific for having us through the Booth, we love the Mario stuff that’s already on shelves, and we can’t wait to get hands on that monsterous Mega Zord!

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