Returning to Saturday at Toy Fair in NYC 2016, Hasbro held a grand event, the start of which we have already told you a little about here with their AMAZING Marvel properties, but there is more to any Hasbro event than just Marvel…a lot more, let’s check out the next piece of the puzzle, Star Wars!  Please note, all photos will be collected at the end of the post…so if that’s the only reason you are here…well then I wasted a heck of a lot of time writing this.

Steve Evans and Andy Ociltree presenting, and the first and most notable announcement for the Star Wars team at Hasbro, there will be NO Rogue One announcements at Toy Fair….too bad.

Galactic Heroes

Moving on to Galactic Heroes, this litlgeek friendly line will have it’s ranks swelled by Force Awakens characters this year including BB-8, Han Solo, Captan Phasma, Admiral Akbar, Rey and the Crimson Scourge.

Galactic Heroes is also bringing in Rebels, we will see Ezra, vehicles and more!


Princess Leia was shown as a powerful young lady on Rebels, now, she will be a plastic powerful young lady in the three and three quarter scale!  We will also see The Red Avenger (Darth Maul) and the Seventh Sister Inquisitor.

More Rebels make appearances, Cane in Stormtrooper gear, Sabine with her helmet.

The Force Awakens will get a Takodana playset featuring Rey, Fin, BB-8 and Maz in her first appearance in the scale.

Black Series

Star Wars Black series is going to give us an incredible Princess Leia from A New Hope with tons of cloth / soft components that look stunning (comes with two blasters).

The Black Series will also dip back into the OT to bring forth one of the Storm Troopers that integrated the Rebel base on Hoth.  He’s also decked out in soft clothing.

The last great reveal of the Star Wars panel mirrored the first.  While they won’t be showing any new Rogue One product at Toy Fair, there WILL be a 2016 SDCC Rogue One Hasbro Exclusive, stay tuned!

Check out all of our Star Wars images from the show floor and stay tuned for official Hasbro Star Wars press images!

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