It’s Toy Fair time again!  litlgeeks is once again thrilled to bring you up close and personal coverage of the Hasbro event.  This year, we are going to go through brand by brand.  Here, we’re gonna talk about Marvel.  Hasbro let loose a ton of great Marvel Legends info and showed us some incredible things in all shapes and sizes.  It was revealed yesterday around the web that Hasbro would be putting out premium role play toys as well as 12 inch Marvel Legends figures.  We got to see all that and more!

Marvel Legends 3.75

Marvel Legends 3.75 gave us an awesome look at the rest of the figures coming up this year and up close and personal they are absolutely stunning.  Tons of great characters, all on a long long overdue wait list to get to you in this scale and they all look amazing.  The list includes:

Wave 2: Living Lightning, Rage, Vision, Black and Yellow Daredevil, Armored Spider-Man, and Gamora.

Wave 3: Quasar!, Hydro Man, Morbius, and Rogue.

Wave 2 2-Packs: Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel, and the Hyperions.

Captain America Civil War Figures including Cap with his motorcycle and Falcon with mechanical wings and Red Wing.

Retail exclusive – Toys R Us Cap and Iron Man 2-pack.

Marvel Legends 6

Bombs went OFF with the Marvel Legends 6 inch lines, tons of reveals, tons of first looks, we got news about a bunch of great retail exclusives.  We got to hear about Spider-Man’s next Legends wave, Cap’s, and we even got to see the upcoming Doctor Strange from the movie (not pictured).

Captain America Wave 2: Red Guardian, Nick Fury, Nuke.

Captain America Wave 3: Secret Wars Captain America.

Captain America Civil War: Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch

Spider-Man Wave: Hobgoblin, Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, Silk,

X-Men Wave: Deadpool, Rogue, Ice Man (Frozen), Cable, Havok, Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed), Phoenix, BAF TBD.

Doctor Strange: Dormammu (BAF), Iron Fist, Nico, Doctor Strange

Retailer Exclusives:

Namor and Jim Lee era Punisher at Walgreens

War Machine and Mark 27 (disco) 2-pack at Target

Winter Soldier and Falcon 2-pack at Walmart

Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Vision, Sam Wilson Cap 3-pack at Toys R Us

Marvel Legends 12

One of the shockers just before the show! Marvel Legends in a 12-inch scale.  Images were circulated yesterday showing amazing 12-inch Captain America and Iron Man figures featuring tons of accessories and 30+ points of articulation…well today, they showed us even more!  With a price point of $50 and detail to rival some big names in ultra premium figures, Hasbro is putting toy land on notice and the creative force is the same man holding the reigns of both Marvel Legends 3.75 inch and Marvel Legends role play, Bobby V!  The man is a freaking plastic making super hero all by himself!

Marvel Legends 12 – Captain America, Iron Man, and …Spider-Man!

Marvel Legends Role Play

Also leaked a day before the show, two incredible role play items under the mantle of Marvel Legends role play.  We showed you first images here yesterday, but are thrilled to share with you some up close and personal pics of the Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield.  The helmet has lights and sounds, the shield has straps and looks like you could throw it and hurt someone…but you can’t because…legal.

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