Funko is a must visit at any convention or Toy Fair.  It’s the law, I didn’t make it up, I’ve just been following it since I’ve been going to conventions and it’s worked out for me pretty well so far.  Funko consistently shows off amazing and adorable Pops.  In years past though, they have exploded far and beyond that original bread and butter.  We now have Dorbz, Mopees, plush, houseware, minis, and so much more.

I’m going to drop the gallery down below and let you wander the booth the same way we did, but let’s talk about some stuff we learned.

Five Nights at Freddie’s is setting the world on fire and Funko is on board this year, supporting the brand with a massive line of collectibles including 5 inch figures, each will come with a piece of an additional figure, collect them all to build a sixth.  You’ve also got minis, pops, pens, and brand new for this year, something touching more than just the Five Nights at Freddie’s brand, but all of the licenses that Funko has, My Mojis.  Adorable little real world emojis in your favorite character.  They come with digital unlock codes for the same and more emojis in your favorite social app!

Exciting in the world of Pop, Daenerys mounted on Drogon, the whole Pac-Man line, amazing new highly detailed Pops from Marvel in Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange.  DC gets a lot of pop love with Supergirl (comic), and some not on display but in the catalog, like Firestorm!

Some of the most exciting news out of Funko though is what’s going on with their Reaction line.  Merging with the Legacy line, ReAction figures will feature updated packaging, more detail and more articulation.  Coming into the fray too though, playsets!  Featured on the show floor was a “The Wall” play set from Game of Thrones.  The set includes an exclusive Tyrion figure and date is TBD.

Also, hyper relevant to the litlgeeks crowd, Funko is doing a line with PLAYMOBIL.  Taking some of the great licenses  Funko owns, and turning them into those adorable little figures is going to work out great!

Thanks so much to Funko for taking the time to bring us through the booth this year.  So much great stuff coming in 2016, we can’t wait to get hands on!

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