I can’t believe I made it…my last official Toy Fair Show Floor Report post.  Since last Saturday, MUReview.net and litlgeeks.com have published over 60 posts, it may not seem like much, but to us, I think it’s more than we’ve ever done related to any single convention.  When you put up 60 posts, and you save your favorite for last, it wears on you, because you just want to get that last one so you can talk about the favorite new things that you saw, but now, I’m finally here.  DC Collectibles invited us down to their booth at Toy Fair on Monday to come see all of the amazing products that were given the pro-shot treatment just before the show.  It was at the booth that we were introduced to Jim Fletcher who gave us a fantastic walk through of all that DC Collectibles will bring out in 2016.  It’s always exciting and interesting to talk to someone who is passionate about what they get to work with and Mr. Fletcher showed that in spades, so I would like to thank Jim for the walk through and Sara for setting us up with DC Collectibles for our first time at Toy Fair, it was absolutely memorable, and now… I get to share it with you.

DC Comics Icons

The DC Comics Icons series has been turning heads in the action figure collector community since late 2015.  Just a few quick points on the line for education purposes.  It features DC heroes.  It will take from any hero at any time in their history for a figure.  The line is 5 inches in scale and figures will range in size from 5 inches up to however tall they need to be to site right in the scale.  Their first wave, featuring Batman, Green Arrow, Deadman and Mister Miracle is now in full swing at retail and folks are loving it, including this long time Marvel fanboy.  The second wave is starting to establish a retail foothold as well featuring The Flash, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor and Blue Beetle.  Shown off at the DC Collectibles booth at Toy Fair were the next few waves and some incredible surprises, that while we heard about, to see were astonishing.  Also, somewhat astonishing was to hear about some changes to manufacturing due to quality issues.  The upcoming 3rd wave release date is nigh, but expect at least a minor delay in the wave featuring Atomica, Superman, Harley Quinn and Aquaman.  Manufacturer’s were changed after quality issues were discovered.  While that sucks for the impatient, it’s amazing for the collector and inspiring to see a company make that move at 0 hour.   This is the sort of thing that makes me thrilled to be a DC Collectibles collector! Expect to see DC Comics Icons reviews begin to show up on MUReview.net starting with the next wave.

  • A Justice League 7 pack is coming down the pike later this year for right around $120 featuring New 52 figure decos.  Included are Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.
  • Batgirl is on the way with her Batgirl Cycle, expect her to go for around $60.
  • Exciting new waves were announced including Deathstroke, Cyborg, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, also shown was the previously known and highly anticipated (by me) Firestorm!
  • Accessory packs are a comin’ featuring one minifigure each, one “artifact” each (Doctor Fate helmet, Garrick Helmet).
  • All figures are going to continue to come with a mind bending amount of accessories.
  • Sticking with the best for last theme…when I heard and saw the pictures of Darkseid, and then saw the price point of $100, I maybe freaked a little.  Obviously I want it…but that’s expensive and he’s an action fi….oh nay nay nay.  He’s a monster!  Some of the pictures out don’t do the size or heft justice, but monster is the only way to put it, and having seen it, he’s a bargain at twice the price.  He also comes with Grail who has her own set of accessories to sweeten the pot.


Designer Series

The 6.75″ Designer series of DC Collectibles will continue it’s strong run into 2016 featuring new designs by favorite artists Greg Cappulo and Amanda Conner.  The Designer Series also throws in some multi-packs and mini lines this year.

  • The Commissioner Gordon Batman with Robo Batman 2-pack is beautiful.  You get Gordon Bats out of the Robo suit, and then the full suit.  The top pieces of the suit are removable to show Gordon Bats mounted in the suit.
  • We will get refreshes on the Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lnatern and the Joker.
  • The Rainbow Bat Pack is out now.  It offers incredible bang for the buck and is perfect as a centerpiece for any comic action figure display.
  • The Harley Quinn Designer series by Amanda Conner features 4 Harley Quinn figures depicting different outfits and points in her whacky history.  Each figure comes with an interactive accessory (squeeking hammer!, bullet riddled squirrel!), and other alternate accessories (like an anime smiley head for Harley).
  • This years Blue Line action figure will be Superman, and he WON’T be a convention exclusive, which is outstanding news for collectors everywhere!


Designer Bat Statue

One of the most monstrous takes on the Dark Knight to date, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking for this guy.  Designed by Andy Kubert, he’ll set you back about a buck fifty.


Suicide Squad

DC Collectibles is giving Suicide Squad some stunning treatment.  Jaw dropping really.  We will get Suicide Squad characters in two formats.  6 inch figures that will feature stands and accessories and premium format statues, which feature eye popping detail, sculpts where the piece looks like actual fabric but isn’t, and a shocking amount of realism.

     Action Figures

  • I was only able to snag pictures of Harley and El Diablo, but most notably impressive with each is how much they are able to show similar detail to the ultra defined 12 inch statues.



  • One of the most impressive displays at Toy Fair was the set of Suicide Squad statues from DC Collectibles.  Joker, Deadshot, Boomerang, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and Katana were shown.
  • Each statue will include a double-sided base, one side featuring the Suicide Squad logo, the other featuring the character.
  • Statues will set you back $150 each.
  • My favorite picture, and point of detail is the fact that the rips in Harley’s shirt look like actual fabric, not hard material…it’s amazing.


Batman Vs Superman

BVS is another property that will get love in both action figure and statue scale in 2016 and with good reason.  The tent pole film for DC brings together some of the greatest heroes ever written and they are all beautiful in the small scale.

Action Figures

  • DC Collectibles gives their treatment to Armored Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Superman.
  • Also pictured are Man of Steel figures Jor-El and Zod.


  • Batman, Armored Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are all presented in pristine detail.  At 12 inches each and $150 a piece, these are a must have for the serious film based collector!


Batman The Animated Series

Half, literally half of the DC Collectibles booth featured Batman The Animated Series figures and pieces.  The display was endless.  Fans of the series are going to have a great time, but a hard time keeping up with all the awesome they can buy in 2016.

  • The pinnacle of the display was, without question, the Bat Wing.  It was almost 20 inches around, and I was told it weighs probably, 2, maybe 3 pizzas… I think I really just want to watch someone put this on a scale next to a scale full of pizzas.  It features a cockpit big enough for 2 and …you have to buy it.
  • The Batmobile will get a refresh on it’s release this year and come with Batman and Robin to boot.
  • The Joker and Harley Mad Love set will be the only way to get Harley in the nightgown deco, ever…so don’t miss it!
  • The amount of figures is too massive to list, check out the images and start saving your money, it’s going to be an expensive 2016 if you love Batman TAS.



After going back and thinking about how much Batman TAS stuff there was, it’s a little weird to think about the DC TV entries in the DC Collectibles booth….from something like 50 figures down to 3…but the three figures here are fantastic.  We will get a refresh on The Arrow, and The Flash in figure format, and a beautiful Melissa Benoist as Supergirl statue!



The Bombshells statue series will make both DC and vintage collectors very happy this year.  Featuring old timey depictions of classic heroes like Power Girl, Superman, Bumblebee and Raven, the line will run at about $125 per statue.  Also featured here, a Harley Quinn statue lineup, because we can never have enough Harley Quinn in all of her forms.


Arkham Asylum

The Batman Arkham Asylum video game was a run away hit in 2015.  Since it’s release it has spawned a marketing campaign that easily rivals or dwarfs most movies.  DC Collectibles has been doing their part by  putting out impressive, high quality figures to represent everyone in the game.  The line is getting to a point where there isn’t much left to make.  Thankfully, isn’t much still means there is stuff to make, and all of it is awesome.

  •  For $75 we will get a 3 pack featuring a Batman and 2 thugs for him to beat on.
  • Oracle and Batgirl will come to us in a 2-pack.
  • A picture perfect Harley Quinn is also coming in 2016.
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